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Eight forty WHAS good luck all right folks you are stuck with me to an odd tone even Eddie do I witness Audi is prepping for his colonoscopy tomorrow it's funny that. Leland was out a couple weeks ago with the **** surgery and now Dwight is out to doing the same sort of but things I don't know what's exactly going to go on tomorrow but he's prepping tonight's what's really important and of course. Hey Lee work this morning and I think she is now out at taste of laurel nothing is where she's out with Patrick so you just I'm flying solo so you're stuck with me tonight it's been a while since I've flown solo I'm kind of excited about it do you. we'll take your calls all night long five seven one eight four eight four is the phone number five seven one eight four eight four any of the subjects tonight we will talk about whatever you wanna talk by you want me ask about personal questions about Dwight or Hailey I will answer for them tonight. all right. tonight at six forty five or in B. roofing remodeling predict the score is going to happen again all right we have a winner she is going to come on and try to predict the score from this Sunday's games she has to pick from the NFL. if she nails it she's going to get a new roof or remodel how do you sign up go to W. H. A. S. dot com and sign up tomorrow night is going to be too much fun. Thursday tomorrow night tacos for a year wind tacos for a year S. also read is in Saint Matthew's Haley and I will be your host we have a ton of people coming on to talk it's gonna be so much fun we have some teams are going to show up we have interviews the tacos for a year we have so many giveaways gonna be crazy so come on out. Dwight will be recovering and then Friday hollow scream at Kentucky kingdom if you didn't hear last night's interview or at heart all with Terry miners a couple of hours ago. they've spent over one million dollars. to get this hollow scream up and running a Kentucky kingdom this is the great thing about what's happening with them on the weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday through October they're gonna be the park is going to be open and the haunted houses are going to be open inside there's two dot one to two there's a not so scary that goes to a certain time and then the really scary stuff is in a different part of the park you can ride the rides which is a different experience for Kentucky kingdom they're usually not open till midnight at night so it's gonna you're gonna be able to go to the park at night do the haunted houses I know my family's doing it on Friday I hope you can join us this any and then they have a dance party with ninety eight nine radio now our sister station so Kentucky kingdom open every weekend through October we already have a call Graham you're on with Tony and why what's up buddy. what was your favorite I told to go to early Friday night football all okay all right are you wait which high school do you belong to were you at one of the ones we went to. I graduated from Trinity okay all right Graham I will tell you it's hard to say North Pole it was of a lot of fun okay trying to think which one was the best I appreciated Graham your for your phone call on your question we did just wrap up our entire tour of our high school so we wrap it up with the same extremely last week it was a miracle we got a good signal out of of cardinal stadium but but we did a broadcast from the I heart box there add to a cardinal stadium thanks again grandfather call five seven one eight four eight four any question about anybody in the show including fan you can ask questions about fan and now he is back from getting married and having fun and we can ask you about that but I'm trying to think of all the places we went fan it was north Bullitt. right was north port right yeah we went to North Pole it or was it yeah it was north port they lost to ease bullet. and then we went to north old we went to north Oldham also trying to think of all the places we went and now six gave me but we went it we went out for five weeks it was a lot of fun or thank everybody for taking care of us the food was great every place we went to was fantastic it was a lot of fun. all right some breaking news about an hour ago the Dallas ex cop was convicted yesterday and then shooting an unarmed man in his own apartment was sentenced to about ten or about ten years in prison all right shot it a man in his own house eating ice cream it was a little little crazy I will talk more about that as we get deeper into the show but it seems like people are want to talk Hey it's good night Mary good night merry did you get a call to Dwight about is going to ask me tomorrow. yes and I want to get married hi there's a little something funny first of all for China allocate I really had a lot of good feedback about the day I was down there for my birthday and tell you they were more funny counts came in one fell and call me and he said you did a good night I'll keep her but we talked. I want to count what is likely to live I don't know I down these lists and then I doubt he's listening but I don't know I don't. here's what I want fifty years ago. this is a very social converse. don't. when I was working in the insurance cabinet space originate shoes also just on up council will look to the doctor well enjoy what's wrong with. I'm going to pot. well like that little constantly going to a psychologist. and not even try to change it well it's going to a six three. else lost it and acid calendar please learn from tales. it will have a little chuckle. all right all right good night Mary thank you Darling we'll see you soon. Graham is bag Graham did you have another question. different Graham okay. shop got four years what was your favorite sure high school football game in Oldham county that you went course it's north Oldham I mean I can't of course that was let me tell ya that's the land of beautiful people I didn't I didn't think there was one ugly person at north Oldham. great place I will give a shout out to the lord Aldo girls Jill hockey game they sent us a nominal fee then and I'm hoping they get to play your shawl I don't know if your daughter's plan or not but I'll tell you the place all beat him the state championship yeah they were all girls yeah I appreciate that I love the sport field hockey is one of my favorite sports at course when I first started watching it with my daughter played in third grade I I didn't understand anything but but as you go through the more you learn about anything you're gonna be more interested in Graham I agree with the a field hockey is all some good luck to your north Oldham girls as they move forward I love that sport I could watch that I well I went down the you will well my family went down the U. of L. they had the national championship North Carolina verses Maryland and it was just it was unbelievable to see the speed and the talents of those women play field hockey for the national championship here a little it was really really cool all right let's go to Rick Rick you're on with Tony what's up but. is the White will close your charter in the south end okay Hey what are you doing magic. you're looking through traffic yeah that whole spiel listen in the tone even any how are you doing buddy you know I meant to call you congradulations on the news you are expecting a baby will not you. but your lovely wife the wife says yes I can nine but she's scared and we're going to use that what what kind of a bottle wonderful advice is old man that Eddie well I have ordered a well when you first to win the baby first gets here there's not a lot to do okay because once you if you put him in one spot there exactly in that same spot when you walk away and come back all right until they walk and talk you're pretty much you just got to feed him and change and that's it all right they sleep a ton so there's not really a lot to do okay but then but then dads are kinda anxious they're kinda like I got to get the game here because your coach you know you're gonna coach right you're going to be the insane basketball football slash coach dad in the world. road yeah. I the only problem I'm gonna have is of all the officials because I'm here in the field wondered what how they could beat the call so obvious. little Johnny over here okay now I want to go ahead if I can invest in your child your wife is your wife play volleyball for U. of L. correct yes and she is all it's. always the CC was somewhat AC six foot what six foot three two two six two six two and you're six six maybe. yeah yeah okay I want to go ahead and invest in whether future earnings of this child. so we already have worn potential bidders so you might have to go through him or I think the best the most proper political about this is will sell shares right you can get a couple I mean but according your furniture yes yeah I'm ready for what's been able to help you back okay I'm in though I mean for for a share of the future earnings of your child okay. okay all right and they are all right Nick rows congradulations buddy. you might see buddy. I look will clear these calls or go to a break real quick man ten you're always telling here on newsradio eight forty WHAS what's about. Hey how you doing doing good. why is prepping for a colonoscopy with all that and trails caress as yes Sir yes and I heard a vicious rumor that you could either confirm or deny that at the end of all this trip that he now only weighs about fifteen pounds. he wishes all right but yeah hopefully one of the side effects is the drop the couple path. what what tell you what he's full of it all I know what he's full of I know where you're going with that. all right thank you thank you to Hey Kevin you're always telling here on WHAS was of a very. doing good. just a quick question man you've been married a long time I have one quick question I get married again a couple years ago. well for that at my house there was absolutely nothing to do on the weekends they was very easy to take care of all the chores your calottery calling..

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