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Playing the game. lunchbox. Which NFL team has their logo on only one side of their helmet. Only. On one side of their helmet Ooh I'm looking at someone's helmet. Whose is it? Well, that's what I'm trying to think of Mister Element. steelers correct. Days she missed that one she she nailed them all until. He was strong she. She was like Dang it. Okay. What city and state is the pro football hall of fame located throw I'm probably GONNA end up one day canton Ohio. But okay. Not. Radio. Station. Finally question number seven who holds the career record for most touchdown catches by a tight end Ozzie. My Boy Tony Goes Dulles incorrect. The answer, the answer is Antonio Gates. Gates the all time leader in touchdown catches hundred sixteen by a tight end. He is six on the career list of all players. Box went six or seven. I'll tell ya Kay missed the Pittsburgh steelers question. But when it came to the Antonio Gates. Question. She also missed it. Is She. Blow. Five for seven. K. How do you feel pretty good. This one in yourself. Yeah. I knew the Antonio Gates on and I just. Got Nervous all the pressure got to you. I mean I understand that's cool. They're just another one on the list. K thank you for playing. I'm sorry you didn't have. Strong performance. Let's give it up for K.. K., thank you have a great day. Thank you that makes lunchbox one, two, three, four. Even Mr Relevant tap. On the bobby bones show now Sarabeth tate. Nice to meet you so nice to meet you. So what happened was I was on Tiktok Dylan and I guess because I, listen to country music I get country music hashtags. If they come through my my Tiktok feed my four you page and I saw yours and this is what you're Tiktok said it's you driving in your car you're playing your song overhead and you said I've been writing songs in Nashville for six years. So let's start there. You move to town six years ago I moved to town six years ago from from Fort Collins Colorado with what in mind like what we're the Big Star goals for you and Record deal. You know kind of kind of the same short term goals as everybody but really I just wanted to sing country music and I've actually signed my first publishing deal almost nine years ago now So I started coming out here and I was fourteen, and then I finally got the chance to move out when I was seventeen and that's that's when I kind of officially started all of this and just been singing and writing ever since Oh so you move out here from Fort Collins. Singing, kid, at school. Honestly know like this is what's not like I I mean I kinda I. Loved Country Music and I'm country music fan and so I and I, love to sing I knew that's what I wanted to sing and I kinda thought hey, found out people in Nashville are doing this as a career and they're making money doing this and people write songs, and that's what they do is their job and I think I mean literally on one of my first trips here at Kinda met my first publisher and started getting a CO write with people and it just kind of I mean. I never dreamed it would it would get to be where it is today. So it's just been. It's been a really fun journey. Then she writes after saying she had been writing songs town six. I'd never had a record deal or a song on the radio, and then you have now hit one hundred thousand followers on on Tiktok or instagram which was so yeah, it's actually like two hundred fifteen. Talk. So we are. So I wrote and you can do some calls duet where you put your video beside there's and I said. Hey Well I happen to have the biggest radio show and while you come up and play. So when you saw this, did someone call you and go hey, you should look at your Tiktok or did they. votes. So I I was doing vocal in my living room. You know we're all doing demos in our living rooms because of Covid, and so I had my phone on do not disturb. This is why it took me what thirty minutes to comment back to you. So I had it on, do not disturb I pick it up, and I've got all of these text messages and first of all, like your B-team peeps are awesome and they were literally messaging me like have you seen? Have you seen this? and. It was just like a world, and then I finally got to take talk to see your video and I just then I had to like gather myself I literally had to like put my phone down and cry for a few minutes. And then I finally was like okay. Now, I need to come back and say something so it was it was really really fun well, I'm so happy that you're here love to just be able to see you know an artist WHO's trying to make it I thought your song was good from what I could hear there, and so I invite her to complain so will not only get. Here a song on the radio. She can also complain on the radio this lobby online it'd be a good from. Yeah well, this is really good for me. So thank you so much per for having me and just I mean, literally for making my year, this is a this is very fun in the middle of the bar was set pretty low anyway. So we don't do a lot to make it better, but I'm glad could. In Studio Right now Sarah State who. I just saw tiktok randomly scrolling, and now she is here and you're gonNA play what song for US play long way. Over your take talk yes. we put this song out three and a half weeks ago, and we're at about one point five million streams and it was it was number one on nineteen. The date came out all John for like two days which was crazy. I thought it was gonna be like maybe two hours when I saw it, I was like freaking out and it's it's just there's been a lot of cool things that this song lately so I'll play it for all my Tiktok friends you made all this happen. All right. Here we go. This is Sarah Beth Tate. Made.

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