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Of the more interesting races this year politically is going to be for the north carolina house district nine seat currently held by robert pittenger who was defeated in the primary by challenger mark harris and now mr harris reverend harris is going to be facing dan mccreevy this fall from the democratic party now neither has helped political office and this is going to be one of those races that is going to have national attention focused on it and mark harris joined pat mccrory on his program this week on wbz bama corey show continuing here and in studio with us we have a guy we've talked about a lot lately because this is one of the most anticipated racists in the country for us congress and that would be the mccreevy versus harris race and the reverend mark harris instudio right across from the governor and here we go in this race could determine whether or not nancy pelosi is the next speaker of the house third in line for the presidency in two thousand eighteen i mean this could be the race that could determine the majority of the house of representatives and and according to our constitution the speaker of the house right now tim ryan is third in line for the speakership i mean for the presidency behind the vicepresident in a few months that could be nancy pelosi and i'm honored to have mark harris he's been a good friend and i also wanna let dan mccreevy know that we'd be glad to invite him to come on anytime and give him the same amount of time at a fairness and i commend anyone who runs for office mark you and i met at charlotte cafe probably about a year ago you you called me up and said hey governor will you come meet with me at the charlotte cafe i wanna talk about running again i'd be glad to and when we first met i went are you crazy you're going to run for a third time i mean i've run for elective office a lot you know seven times as mayor three times as governor it's a wearing it's wearing on you.

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