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Nations don't help ease sanctions what they're essentially doing now is they're changing the quality of the low enriched uranium that they are producing now they're not exactly sure at this point to what extent they're going to do that there's a lot of talk about it being around five percent of enrichment in ridgecrest California I didn't know if we were going to get out or not president Bob logic still shaky after two big earthquakes their utility crews have the power and water back on in ridgecrest for the most part still working on that in nearby trauma and emergency crews remained on stand by because after shocks continue to shred nerves we have certainly been feeling those aftershocks in the days that we have been here every now and then everything just starts to shake in your almost get used to it but what happens to a lot of folks when there were dealing with this is almost everything that shakes makes you think that there is another aftershock it is extremely unnerving members of the U. S. women's soccer team or using last night's World Cup victory over the Netherlands to advance their lawsuit alleging pay discrimination against women more on that from Amanda Davies at Lee on the argument is that day as women get paid just sixty eight percent of the amount paid to a male player with the same credentials mediation between the two sides has been agreed we know that but as Megan Rapinoe put it there's not many back to ways of making your point and winning a raccoon extending schools well cut ground the justice department is hoping a new legal team will have better luck convincing the courts to let the trump administration ask about citizenship on the next census the new team of file court papers this morning hoping to open up new avenues to get around the Supreme Court decision blocking the use of that question by Michael Toscano yes.

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