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In at seven and one in the Panthers started their season with back to back losses than three straight wins and now have lost three in a row. But there is ah, a ray of hope. With Christian McCaffrey back today, so that certainly provides Ah lift needing a lift of the Tennessee Titans, who also are coming off back to back losses and checking in from Tennessee right now is Brant Douglas, as they get ready to take on the Bears will also are desperately seeking a lift right now, Brad Good afternoon. Good afternoon rich an absolutely gorgeous day here in Nashville, Not a cloud in the sky is going to be 78 or 79 degrees near record highs going to feel more like an early September game here, at least on the field, and they are increasing the number of fans who can come to the ballpark today, with about 14,000 fans expected here. At the normal capacity 68,000 on Nissan Stadium. But nonetheless for the Tennessee Titans, you mentioned a team that is hurting right now, physically hurting, losing two games in a row. Trying to figure out here Still all the different changes they've had to add a new punter, a new long snapper. Oh, my goodness. Two of the top. The sense of guys are gone. They've gotten rid of the Beasley this week. Who's production was zero. And they've decided to eat a $9.5 million salary. And I think that beastly had three tackles. So he made $3 million per tackle. Good money If you can get rich, Absolutely no question. You mentioned that. But the Bears come in. Ah, team reeling right now. And who knows what they have on the offensive line? Of course. Adam Humphreys not active today after the concussion a week ago, and you Davey on Clowney, also inactive. Exactly on and then Kareem or a cornerback as well out for the Titans. But yeah, losing Adam Humphreys after that horrible concussion. I was just glad to see him get up after that play last week, but losing him. He has been. Ah, Ryan Tannehill's go to guy. When it's a third and six of 37. He's been the guy that Tannehill has gone to now. Tannehill did find one of his former favour targets last week, quite a bit in Corey Davis. And so I expect him to set step up quite a little bit. Meanwhile, for the Bears Sam must offer is inactive because of an injury. And then what? Devious Simmons today was placed on the reserve Covert 19 list. So yes, The offense of line is a bit of a shambles. But as we saw last week, the Titans were playing against a bingle front five. Front seven. Rather that were completely different from anybody who started for the Bengals in week one, and the Titans could not get a Paul or a hand or anything else on the Bengals quarterback and a big thing for the Titans, Defense, Plain and simple and Mike Grable has said this throughout the week is they've got to figure out a way to get the defence off the field on third down there giving up I believe it's about a 70% clip. Off third down conversions that the Titans have been giving up over the last few games. This is very interesting because this team started so well. Ah, And now after back to back losses, you're kind of saying Well, where do they fit into the mix here, But one thing they can hang their hat on is they don't turn the ball over much. The Titans, dude, a nice job of hanging on to the ball and nothing. They can hang their hat on. Derrick Henry will be running the ball for the team today. And Derrick Henry. Ah likes playing. Yeah, he does a great job at home. Most of the big runs over his career have coming home on 90 yard, 99 yard, just all kinds of great performances. And the Titans do have a great offense and they're often struggled a little bit last week, but it's still been what they've been hanging their hat on the entire season on DH, But they've got to figure out a way to get the defence off the field and then find some consistency in the special teams because they've signed Hunter Ryan Alan Who, by the way most people are believing got the job for the Titans because he used to play for the Patriots, and it was Stephen Gostkowski's holder for several years. So the question is. Is that going to help the Titans? Kicking game, especially going for the field goal lot of unknowns in this game, but I was thinking earlier. I can't remember this many unknowns going into an NFL game in quite some time. But as they say, we'll take it up here in about 30 minutes, 40 minutes, and they're going to play football with whoever's wearing the black jerseys of the Bears and the blue jerseys, the Titan and whether or not a factor today taking his national correct Sunny 78 light breeze. Great days to be outside didn't begin stuck in the press box, but that's okay. Still a beautiful day here in national, you know whether concerns at all Beautifully done. So brat will talk to you after kickoff. Thanks for checking figure it. Okay. All right. Brandt Douglas in Nashville, where the Titans look to get back on track. They will be without Davion Cloudy and Adam Humphreys today as they take on the Bears. Also other inactives of note The Panthers will be without rookie safety Jeromy Chin in Kansas City. Hey, has had a very strong rookie campaign so.

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