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Of events going on all around and down so so if you go to our website and click on a what is it concerts and events i think yeah concerts and events there's a big list of stuff now this isn't what pori does this house this is what city spark provides an so i clipped were on man and i went to the john cleese thing on sunday night yet i end up it says that john cleese is going to be i thought i wonder i thought and well i wonder if they put my name in there or the radio stations name or something like that gene equipped land each be called the radio but it just just be quiet okay so so i gotta look at it and as john please at the apples theater on kerns boulevard in park city there no no no no no if it's it's the it's the argue glad you're here is an down lapan limit downtown it's the new eccleston either utilize known by anne pierce that people go to these and they think that that's us they don't they don't really realize its provided by another now they handed anything themselves they they think it's all ships and it's wrong information yeah and that and some people will look at that and they'll go to park city and i guy what were up i mean probably puello buy tickets in advance on them well hopefully eric sironi who won the tickets because he heard the night who said di knows that it's at the eccles theater downtown the new nicely tackles the what are you looking at this is john cleese that theater downtown salt lake if you if you click on concert i experience and there is a huge list of stuff yeah well looking at right now what you wanna see what i'm looking at here maybe they heard that stupid maybe they heard of this say eccles center seventy fifty kerns boulevard park city where did you right here concerts and events maybe they were listening and fixed it just in time for gene at a hop on and get the fixed addition no i don't think so let's see this thing this though that what you were looking at it's yeah insists only city of you refreshed maybe profressional i'm telling you there listening right now may heretic chain and jumped.

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