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Out for some delays as well on the red line. The tea delays about 15 to 20 minutes. Right now it's a signaling problem there. Porter Square, Laurie Grandi W. B. C's traffic on the three You didn't put the golf clubs away. Did you? Well, drag him out, Chester because I've seen your short game and it needs some work. And you're going to get a chance to work on it in the coming days. It's beautiful in Boston right now, Warming up 42 degrees Right now we'll get to the mid fifties. That's nice enough to play golf, but it gets even nicer. As we head towards the weekend temperatures in the sixties tomorrow near 70 on Friday into the seventies over the weekend and sunshine pretty much every day. What have we done to deserve this? 2020 throws us another curveball 42 right now and blue skies here in Boston. It is 9 34 on a Wednesday morning overall, pretty pretty good on the voting front here in Massachusetts. Election Day goes pretty smoothly It goes office hoped to is we hear from W He's He's Laurie Kirby, Secretary of State Bill Galvin is pleased with the process. It was a very smooth day We had the usual problems that you have in every election. Remember you having literally millions of people over a period of several weeks. Do something with it. Be of temporary workers. And obviously the weather wasn't particularly helpful yesterday but wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great. It was a very good day, Gavin said. They had more than a million mail in ballots, and they will learn from the lessons of this election. Going forward Laurie Kirby W B Z Boston's NewsRadio occurred set from one end of the state to the other and really all around the world, or rather all around the country. I should say with the world watching Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. A Yogi Berra says it ain't over till it's over. And it is far from over even well after the polls. Close election 2020 lots to take in this morning. Several of the swing states could swing the keys to the Oval Office. ABC is Mary Bruce on the outcome. So far of this year's presidential election did have a better night than expected, outperforming the polls once again and pulling in new voters. He's now projected to pick up Ohio, Texas and Florida critical winds keeping his re election hopes alive. But he's still far from the finish line. And Joe Biden also has a clear path to victory. Holding onto Blue states. Trump tried to flip like Minnesota. The president has been declared the winner by The Associated Press in Florida and in Texas as well. He is leading in the swing states and Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, while Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada are leaning towards Joe Biden President Trump. This may not matter much. But President Trump also has a lead in Alaska, which is still tallying up the votes as well around here, they lack of an outcome in the presidential election bothers some people, Maura than others. Even though it seems like everyone on social Media voted in this election, Duncan in a dick is a different story didn't watch it. Why not? Don't care. Listen, I didn't vote for Duncan. Nothing news think summer from Wayland, however, is just getting started. I've been into it recently. I actually voted for my first time this year, Thiss was.

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