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Mm that would you believe to said your belief above super both fifty two b o i do i mean i think i think she'll let the was a wellpositioned to be able to do it but i think the thing that everyone is holding out or two games the atlanta falcons last year in super bowl fifty one one day dominated the game pretty much for three quarters and let it slip and then the jacksonville majed was basically did the same thing there's a a selfdoubt decreasing when you want to jump into uh believe in another team you wanted kindy really finish the deal with everything on the line we seeing the patriots do it time and time again i mean you just want a 10day close it out i think they're talented enough to do is just a matter candy finished you do when they had the opportunity to our buddy said travels we'll see soon back at the shop that's what have you got its bucky brooks of the nfl mediagroup down there in mobile alabama all gas no breaks wasn't that what you said when you were spinning uh spinning discs uh three back in the day these skater rama yes when everyone was rollerskating on you were dj anguilla vermont was rollerskating back only all gas no breaks of course amer that's that's that's it look if polls wings at around like he did against the vikings you have to assume he's gonna be able to winger round like that against new england once he gets his legs under him because marshall faulk told me that after his running out at the first super bowl this is a guy used to take naps before games this is how calm cool and collected he was before games he would take naps before football games and before his first super bowl he was able to take a longer nap because the pregame stuff with the national anthem in the flyover in america the beautiful and everything took longer when he ran out for his introduction at the super bowl in the georgia dome against the titans.

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