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End user to basically generate a key for themselves and kind of handle that process so you're not just tied into the dealer doing it some car manufacturers like audi are actually already using the system so it's out there in and in deployment and that sounds pretty cool you know the ability to kind of replace all this extra stuff with your phone i guess the only dilemma is for those folks who tend to lose or misplace their phone if you've got your wallet on their your keys on there and your phone on there you know and it's your phone that's a becomes a pretty vital important piece of your life luckily i guess we have find my iphone so it's a little easier to find an iphone i think than sometimes than it is your car keys or that sort of thing but anyway i i think that's pretty cool i'd i'd like to be able to just have my phone in my pocket able to walk up unlock my car hop in driving have to worry about carrying a bunch of keys around so i look forward to the day when that's kind of the standard and the reality and since this is our only iphone related story this week i'm going to take this section or this moment as time to slot in one other iphone related bit of news little minor one but it looks like apple's getting ready to go into production on their eight twelve series processors digitize says tsmc has ramped up production of apples a twelve series processors in they're using their new advanced seven nanometer process and there have been rumors that that process was being impacted by as we typically here slower than expected or lower yield rates and during the announcement of the the ramp up tsm t s emcees ceo addressed those rumors saying that the overall capacity in twenty teen of their san seven nanometer process is expected to be about twelve million wafers that's actually going to be up one point five million from twenty seventeen levels so we can expect that they're not gonna have as many issues or they're at least alluding saying that they are not going to have as many issues so if should be plenty of iphone processors to go around this year and they're also getting ready with their five nanometer node technology but that's not expected to reach mass production until the end of twenty nineteen so that means that apple is going to be stuck with these seven nanometer process probably for two years now not that that's a bad thing but they're not going to be moving the next gen technology till the end of twenty nineteen so eight thirteen expect that to also be on the seven nanometer process all right remember way back when in september apple had a little event they announced some products and devices little something called the iphone eight eight plus an iphone ten and at the end of that presentation they also announced a new wireless charging product since all those new products were supporting wireless charging apple was going to bring us something called the air power matt or air power it was a three in one wireless charging matt that had the ability to wirelessly.

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