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Jamaal williams. Oh jeez okay. Were there three highest scoring fantasy players in week number. One those three bingo. So if the detroit lions are going to stink at least get the ball into the hands of the guys who we drafted. Tj hawkins is going to blow up this year the andrea swift. There was a lot of hand wringing about his role. Will anthony lynn. The former running back is running his offense actually in my opinion quite smartly because of the talent there in the backfield through the backfield the andrea swift eleven carries eleven targets. Jamal williams nine carries nine targets. Both of these guys produced fantasy. Both of them are arbutus for me with the andrea swift. Potentially after all the panic of the off season. Let's see what happens against green bay. He's got rb one upside for me with that kind of usage. Eleven targets is good for anybody. It's exceptional for running back so That kind of usage. I'm happy about it at receiver. Unfortunately tyrel williams is hurt again. He's got a concussion. I'm not terribly interested in any of these outside receivers but just keep in mind for the future the to target leaders at wide receiver for the detroit lions in that game or quintas safest and then the legendary trinity benson They had seven and six respectively. Amman raw saint brown was the predominant slot receiver though. That's probably the guide. Lean too but the guys. I wanna play this game or the two running backs in the tight end. Tj hopkinson and just keep an eye. I'm not telling you to start them in week. Two jared goff attempted fifty-seven asses in that game. If the lions are gonna play at the pace they played they ran. Eighty four plays in week. One anthony lynn's chargers were historically high paced. Jared goff's can have some fantasy value. He could end up being one of the top. Three or four passers in the nfl in terms of pass attempts. And that's good for fantasy whether you've heard of the guys he's throwing to or not. He is joe dolan at f. g. Underscore dolan i am at ross tucker. Nfl we implore you to go to fancy points dot com. Use the code..

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