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Want you to know the risk is very low parents are skipping kids appointments overly anxious and their little fearful TLC pediatrics and Billy Dr Tony Thompson Chatham's understands coronavirus concern but they are all the elements out here that we are certainly concerned about as pediatricians and health care providers that's why three month old vegans vaccinations are up to date do not want to have any new outbreak of measles or whooping cough mom Jennifer John Pierre of upper Marlboro want to make sure that we are protecting not only our daughter but others as well for seeking WTOP news the pandemic within state homeowners has pushed spring cleaning into high gear in fact there's been so much house cleaning it's put a strain on northern Virginia's waste management systems if you've been spending time cleaning out the basement or attic you're not alone some of the jurisdictions have recorded thirty percent forty percent increases in the overall waste that is sent out Debbie spill your topless senior environmental planner with the northern Virginia regional commission says it's a problem in all communities of northern Virginia it's a huge burden on the waste collection systems regional waste and recycling systems are straining residents are asked to help by keeping put for the time being any piles of spring cleaning waste or recyclables particularly on WTOP news a judge has ruled that a Virginia gun range must be allowed to open to customers despite a statewide executive order requiring nonessential businesses to close because of the corona virus the order issued by a Lynchburg judge says federal and state protections on the right to bear arms outweigh any emergency authority held by governor Ralph Northam to order the gun range closed the ruling narrowly applies to this specific business in this one jurisdiction if the ruling isn't over turn by the Virginia Supreme Court it could lead to other challenges to the governor's emergency order Maryland is set to try something it's never done conducting election almost entirely by mail ballots for the special election to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Elijah Cummings must be postmarked by today Democrat Kweisi Mfume and Republican Kimberly clay sticker on the ballot this election is serving as a test of how well Maryland can conduct an election by mail they'll be another test in June when Maryland hold its coronavirus delayed presidential primary well today officially marks the last day of remote classes for Georgetown University spring semester thanks to her resume acting classes during corona virus students won't soon forget Sarah Marshall I left town for spring break I got an email from the chair of the department asking how ready would you be to move your classes on tourism platforms we did not skip a beat we.

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