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If your team is in and where it will go on Sunday, six eastern three Pacific on CBS. But my favorite days of the year selection Sunday. This is not some kind of newsflash, right? This isn't exactly breaking news. Rich folks, get over rich folks, by their way, in and out of things, we know this. But this story is just so awesome. It's so awesome. How Jack up it is. Did it actually worked that? This went on for years. And that these red flags somebody caught this. It's just so absurd. Dan, Wetzel said it's one thing if you've got a kid who played high school sports was good at that sport. In might have been on the fringe might have been on the borderline or might have been one of those kids who maybe could walk on these kids get in a scholarship athletes in sports that they never even played ever on any level. And that this guy could get their main by doing deals with these coaches and administrators and that the money would go to his company in the form of a charitable contribution. And the parents did this and again who are they doing it for are? They doing it for the kid because they want to give that kid every advantage. They can or they doing it for themselves and their look. Yeah. I got my kids. My kids got into USC my kids got into Yale. And how much was that worth is some parents five hundred grand a mill one point two more than six mil to one guy. To say they got their kid. Now check that to say that their kid got into that school. It's insane. Dear jim. Aunt becky's. Youtube star daughter took recruit team photo on a rowing machine. The Trojan long snapper, wait, a buck forty the soccer coach and water polo coach and associate athletic director were all taking stacks of cash after the school already have been hammered by the NC double A. Why don't they just set the press conference in higher urban Meyer already fight bleep in on Matt white fish? That's so true terribly. The great air. Do it takes the the best way to do it. USC USC fan. USC alumnus y'all look horrible today. The school looks bad really bad. Why not just roll? Herb out made the announcement right now. It's considered a misdirection never mind that it would be falling in line with everything. We're talking about right now. Go ahead. Bring the gun right now. I forget to do it. Just do it today. I'm here for it. Iran. My sources tell me Odell Beckham might not even be the biggest name that the Browns bringing this offseason signed, Adam Schefter. Dresden seatown war. The freaking Browns. There was some noise about Earl Thomas, maybe ending up there too. But he goes to the ravens speaking of which Jim. The ravens are making insane moves in the NFC north Earl Thomas, Mark Ingram. You look at moves like that. And you wonder what the hell they're going to find the cap room. Where are they gonna find the cap room and the savings one answer the dental plan signed Terrell suggs is ginger Vitus? Get that Phil. I don't get that. Phil. You're not the guy. Yeah. I remember you fill. So did you not call me on eleven twelve thirteen personal appearance day? I think you did. I just wanted to chime in on all Terrell. Suggs, no forgotten a million dollars. Jimmy, you think this can make a trip to the dentist at least one time of year. I mean, he has the gums the size of an elephant and teeth the size of a mouse. And just blows my mind. I can't get a check on the dentist one time of year. But that really hurt him too much. Blows my mind. Phil did six years later, you're selling the same crap on this show that was eleven twelve thirteen. And the only reason that made it to air. The only reason I even have tape of that is because it was eleven twelve thirteen so I allowed personal appearance as show fodder smack for a period. The only way you're your take about this guy having gums like an elephant and teeth like mice ever saw the light a day. Today's not that day. Phil today is not eleven twelve thirteen. So why are you still bring that crap around here? At the outrageous tweets Wetzel, made a good point about these kids online footprint Alvi has more game tape on YouTube from his high school basketball career there. Most of these kids, whatever that means, it's true. They do have an online footprint. He's kids all have social all you have to do is their instant page, and you'll see it believe me, if these kids play sport and played at a high level, you will know, you will know because they'll be all about it. And so will their parents, their parents will be all over Facebook with it. So safe to assume if there are no picks of that kid either on their account or their parents accounts, dominating whatever the sport is they don't play that sport. Otherwise, they'd be all about that life. All right. When we come back. I want to talk about the giants. We've already hit on the Browns. And you know, where I come out on them. What exactly the giants doing? They signed Odell Beckham junior to this huge contract less than a year ago. Paid.

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