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Are you just playstation five people or did they patch you over into. Ps four land to cross play. Ms my understanding this. It's weird because every other game plates super lag. Even though i'm on ethernet connection which is frustrating but other than that. It's so rising the you ever. Did you ever play the old zombies ecuador zombies and marrying the black ops once. Now now the la- the last call the first and last call of duty. I got into his modern warfare. To a yeah. I mean that was like the that was the game was in my mid twenties. You're just your friends would would play locally at each other was a lot of fun. Big big split-screen action going on. But after that. I kinda can. I haven't really gone back to call of duty as much as i tried last year. What was it last year. What was the game last year. The just the last call of duty called marta. They tried yeah. The sofri bitter. The series showed that played a little bit online but It's just tough. 'cause you get your ass kicked so easily you log on and instantaneously. Uk dis in like point. Point zero five or something like that do it. I had more pride in that. Yeah i remember. There was one point where we're playing fortnight in which i want wanna say we were like good but we were like actually. I can't even say we were like competent. But we above average out. Say right we. I mean yeah when we were playing as a team we all wish once we got going there. We were winning at least like one team game. For every night we played. I would say yeah for games. Maybe get one. Yeah yeah yeah. In that. That was that was also the first solo game. I ever one will never forget it. and then i. I kinda stopped playing after that. I kinda felt like it got to the peak of the mountain planted my flag and then slid right off of it. I i win. What's what's ninja. During these days away. We're playing with the happy. It was a heavy taxes. Heavy taxes thinks us in jeff. And it was i just remember. We're in the was a shipping container area. That was the the we're in and we're just like in to battle with the guy who has above us and somehow one. I don't remember how i remember. I got the last kill but it was memorized. Like my own one of two. yeah. I remember that now. Those are good times man pre baby days you see us go per nazir's counterstrike person. I was counterstrike. One point four. Yeah i was. I was old schools. Counterstrike counterstrike. With a lot of fun man was. It was like the first computer game. I really got into because it was The one that was out there and we got we got a cable internet. Some point like in two thousand. And one i just got into it and played it a lot. I like saw met these dudes who were all like. North carolina state university and they'll have to clan out of north carolina state university. I joined their clan for some reason so it was like rolling with the north carolina state university counter strike players..

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