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The city is like a pot right at the bottom of the pot is the center of the city and it's surrounded by hills and from the neighborhoods in the hills. You get a beautiful view you can see almost the entire city it emotional phone. The factor meant formula. If you live in the hills of los pozos when you head down into the bottom of the pot you find yourself from the city centre for a long time. Traffic lapaz was really bad. Endorses l. through the city centre and the surrounding streets cayote guy. Cars ignored traffic lights and it was really dangerous for strains there were two particular streets. Downtown that were specially bad. Then they need at velasco in san francisco avenues. these are very busy avenues. With lots of buses minivan buses and taxicabs at one point. There were two hundred and sixty nine public transportation lines coming through these two avenues. It was always a mess and in the early two. Thousands traffic incidents were way too common. So the mayor at that time. A guy named qandil grimaldo decided thinks needed to change. Jenny refers to the mir heroes dongwon in those. Don't one the Plant so don. Juan says let's create a program to educate drivers because believe it or not. No one was expecting the traffic lights. No one was obeying the stop signs and nobody respected zebra crossing zebra crossing. Rossini called it in his spinal. El paso leila's sabourin. This is what they call crosswalks because the black top of the street is painting with white stripes. Just like a zebra to make things safer for productions in poss- he came up with apply and in two thousand one. They found twenty four volunteers. They recruited nays alaska woman. Is they let. This means young people from the street but that doesn't necessarily mean homeless. These young people around the age of sixteen who were working on the streets selling candy bars newspapers or polishing shoes twenty. Four volunteers would become the city's new crossing guards. But they wouldn't look like the crossing guard that you're probably thinking of nonni on vast no fish looking hatter batch in fact you probably wouldn't even see their face because stay would be dressed up as zebras camels the shaver. We took that image of the zebra from zebra crossing the crosswalk so that people would learn to pay more attention to the crosswalk ccording to jenny. This new team of zebras was trying to get the drivers of an apostle to do three things at shares. It's puzzle Respect the concept of the zebra crossing or crosswalks to respect the traffic lights and to respect the stop signs if the goals were common sense but the initial zebra costume nats some development and is legitimate. I saved in portables hole in the first super consisting of two volunteers. One person to the front legs in the face and in the back part someone crouched to form the rest of the body as you can imagine. It was a lot of work to put on this costume. I see how that jenny send me a picture of this original two person zebra as you might have guessed. It really didn't work out for the person in the back so they went back to the drawing board s. The is over and this you see is the fifth costume. Fifteen is a wendy's still used today. it's just one person and looks like a humanoid zebra walking on its hind legs and the heat. Those i can see. They have their little. Here's it has its plume of hair on had it has its snout has its body nubby. It's a beautiful zebra. I don't know if you can hear it. But as jenny was telling me how beautiful the seabreeze juice getting kind of emotional. Jenny has been involved in this evita's program for seventeen years and in two thousand and eighteen. She was promoted. She's now that they rector of the entire program and she feels very connected to her. Seventy s in fact when we talked over zoom. Jenny invited one of them to join us sleep. When meet one jose you it would have been in the program for quite a while. I've taken on different roles in the program. These roles have given me amazing opportunities to grow as a person mobile lead by. Who said this on if one does. This sounds a little muffled. That's because he had his costume on during the interview. I reminded them that. This was audio only an x one. Ho save he would like to show his face book. The lynton there the stay least for us with tho- Gave us the earth. The but jenny interrupted and very politely. Jenny said oh. That's another scores has banned biscuit able. Nobody checked absolute. It's very important that zebras do not take their heads off until they finish their.

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