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History of clashing with members of the national security team as well as top economic advisors he's also accused of using his allies in the conservative media to try to undermine h r mcmaster the national security adviser secretary of state rex tillerson says he hasn't given up on diplomacy when it comes to north korea we continue to be interested in finding way two dialogue with kim jong on north korea's leader has back down stay tv says any plan to fire missiles toward guam will be based on the next move from the us the mother of a woman killed last weekend in charlottesville vows to use heather hires deaths to do good time left and i miss segment months but i'm gonna make or death worth something no mothers and have to give up her thirty two year old child in oklahoma city cbs's omar villafranca says a 23yearold man's in custody accused of trying to carry out a bombing just blocks from the federal building blast twenty two years ago a confidential informant alerted the fbi two jerry drake far nils planned to blow up in oklahoma city bake describing him as somewhat upset with the government in seeking retaliation in the criminal complaint bar knell wanted to pull off an attack similar to the oklahoma city bombing adding i'm out for blood twelve people were killed by a tree that fell at a religious faith estival on portugal's madeira island in new york city's central park one adult and three kids were heard today by a falling tree the death toll tops three hundred the red cross believe six hundred or missing in the west african nation of sierra leone after mudslides on the outskirts of the capital relief worker john james people would just season in the hands or anything they had a hand to try and get people out of what was kinda got was bought these gang stakes the ball preliminary information from the national safety council indicates motorvehicle deaths and injuries were down a bit over the first six months of this year compared to last eighteen thousand six hundred eighty nine deaths the.

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