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Not possibly Third or worse I I don't know how. You do it are, you? Gonna go Jim are you going to? The fair John. I'm not going I done it for years. As a kid I haven't been house state fair probably in. Fifteen twenty years? Why is that if, I can ask why is that I? Guess I got. My kids okay and so when you were. Kid you wrote the rides right point right but did you. Ride the rides? When you were a, kid no problem Oh? Yeah okay Okay thanks man appreciate. The. Phone call Travis are. You there Travis thank. You, for. Waiting yes sir thank you for. Taking my call I feel the same way the last two or, three callers have. Including the, south you know I have always gone to the fair and carnival and different things I refuse never. Ride, these. Rides If you see who's working these things and see, that they've been taking down a bunch. Of times or more or less like. A bunch of Legos gonna. Fall apart and I'm. I'm I'm surprised that this. Stuff doesn't happen all the time and I'm I'm only gonna ride kings island stuff at stationary whether it, actually. Have inspection. And they, pay. People more than what. These these you know these, out type, places, do so I that's, what I saw, Travis you're not going though correct I am. Not going I go the fair occasionally I'm. Not going this year just because, I got kings island tickets and I prefer to ride those fair right all. Right thank you ma'am appreciate your? Phone.

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