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To begin July twenty fourth in Tokyo will be postponed and put off a year now no specifics have been given as to exactly when the games will go but they're going to put them off they're going to be postponed due to covert nineteen that Japan spent twenty six billion dollars on preparations the Tokyo Olympic committee had already sold four point four eight million dollars in ad revenue NBC had already sold one point two five billion dollars in ads of their own so this is a massive announcement for sure now NFL notes the NFL is not going to hold the NFL draft in Las Vegas they're going forward with the draft scheduled for late April but it will not be in Vegas most likely to be held in the studio on a conference call couple football notes today forty Niners have signed linebacker Joe Walker who played last year appears on the cardinals he's a special teamer started eleven games that's it for five speed how boys closing in a nose guard Da'Ron Terrio don Terry poll forty Niners lose wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders he signs with the saints and Travis Frederick of the Dallas Cowboys retires at the age of twenty nine that was a surprise Peyton manning is turned down the Monday Night Football gig once again and tonight would have been game one of the bay bridge series at the Coliseum obviously that is to be closing your half past headlines now back to Tolbert Kruger enteros CKP on KNBR one oh four five nine six eighty.

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