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How Do We Fix It?


Yeah i mean. I think it's certainly correct to say that. The democratic platform is more to the left than it has been a very long time but does not have anything to do with subverting democracy. Well that was. That was my next point. Is that the big thing that actually is that. The big difference between the left and or the sort of far left in the far right. Is that the far. Left is fundamentally supportive of representative. Democracy believes. that should be easy to vote to not question election results. Whereas i the far right is fundamentally about subverting democracy at this point and on the issue of democracy in there is absolutely no equivalence between bernie sanders and donald trump. There is no equivalent between afc and josh hawley. Didn't hillary clinton questioned whether the election was fair. Raise some questions but she conceded immediately as someone who comes from a more conservative often see the elements of extremism on the left. Don't get a lot of attention. They they don't get condemned. I think is as much as they should. But you also don't want to fall into a sort of a false equivalence. I mean this is a a dramatically new phase for us. What happened yesterday. And i certainly think that people on the right need to make sure that they don't dismiss. Just how scary and serious. This is amen. It's how do we fix it. i'm richard davies. And i'm jim mags and coming up. We'll discuss some potential solutions. We're back with lee druckman of the new america think-tank lee. What do we do with all this where troubled were upset were disturbed were shaken. But what next well to me. The answer is democracy reform. And i think the fundamental problem is that we have a two-thirds probably pro democracy coalition that is able to act like a super majority and there is a minority of anti democratic ethno fascists. Who have taken over the republican party and because we have a two party system there's really no space for those on the right who believe in democracy to operate so my view is we need a more multi party. Proportional system in which a centre-right party could distinguish from a far right extremist party and work with a coalition of liberals from you know maybe somewhat to the left to a little bit further to the left to you know marginalize. The extremists and at the the model here is western europe You look at germany as as an example there You know there is a far-right already but they are Not in government to me. That's the solution. We changed the way we run elections. We make them more. Proportional allows space for more parties. And that that also is a way of breaking what i call the two-party doom loop. Which is this escalating sense. The other side represents existential threat which justifies more and more extreme actions..

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