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He's talking about twice the legal coverage that for several years now as you mentioned todd frazier it's been it's been a problem still has sixteen homers though um you know surely it's an issue you can't just flip a switch and changer us he would've obviously was some leftists which and changes it i mean you know before three years ago he didn't have crazy prop up does yeah but i'm the latest version hit all those homers three years is as i feel like if it was an easy change somebody would've gotten to them at this point said hey stop doing this but maybe there's somebody new york against a listen you could still be mr power guy would keep you with five all right but let's get let's get that angle a little bit better so you're not popping up all the time to giving those free outs get them up to say to fifty batting average with the power little bit possible i i i see that i think todd frazier somebody that you know he's on the scrapheap in some league some shower league bloodstreams all right great in the walk rate and and strikeout rate is going right now that's another way to improve your outcomes is to own an uncertain balls so all career bounds that's all it's all lining up for him to have a decency so let's take chase headley's the one who's going to lose the playing time are moving over the first a little bit they're still talk that maybe they get like a yonder alonzo in new york which would further push push chase hadley down not that that means anything the do i mean 700 in ops no one's losing any sleep on that but yeah i kinda like frazier their keenly and robertson i think you know the really good middle relievers in and give me good strikeouts good ratios can hold them in the league cannot whatever leagues you've had quesnel ian you can now kind of ad robertson in but i just don't see either of them getting any sort of real save opportunities to you.

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