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You're just tuning in you we are talking today here on wellness wanna one about cbo or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and before the break we were just talking about you know nutrient deficiencies that can take place and stuff like that and we wanted to get in the segment and and talk about like risk factors but one of the things i wanna talk about before risk factors is how the body has built in ways to prevent cbo from taking place we make stomach acid that's to help you know kill bacteria that we consume we have our bals move in waves to help move this stuff along we have immunoglobulins in our intestinal fluid so we actually have part of our immune system that's that's working overtime right there to try and then and get rid of bacteria that's not supposed to be in if if it's in the wrong spot and not supposed to be there it's supposed to our immune system will help get rid of that and then we have a valve that stops the flow of of things backwards from our large intestine and for small intestines called the iliad seco valve and like i said before the small intestine has three parts that gym the gym and the ilian iliev is the part that connects into the large intestine and where it connects into the large intestines called the seacombe that's why we have the ilia seco valve it's what separates the small intestine from the large intestine and so you know the how how someone ends up with cbo is usually a big old complex mess of things that can take place and so some of the some of the risk factors that set people up for cbo would be things like low stomach acid the number one cause of digestive upset in the country is this condition called h roe v gastritis that's that means that our stomach is not making enough acid and our and our the lining of our stomach becomes inflamed and so that's a big thing so we decrease our stomach acid production having your bowels stomach acid though does that also include people who would have normal stomach acid but take in in acid medication.

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