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For me to get a ticket online DVD Kate I com IBM's own ended abruptly before today's Michigan and west end up do Michigan women's basketball game happening at the crisis center tip off at six o'clock and you get your pre game coverage with Matt park from lawyers that I NG college coming up here and a couple of minutes hi this is a big game for Michigan going into it obviously coming out of huge weekend with Iowa who is that the top of the the big ten standings so it if if you are looking for something if you are an about this is definitely again you want to head on down to Hey you've you've heard many of the members of the you'll them club van overcoming usually every Friday and have mentioned that this is one of the the the the great like probably low key things that in an Arbor you can go to and is very affordable and what's great about two is a very family friendly environment so if you are if you are willing to head out into the into the the weather as there is some snow coming down here in Ann Arbor were supposed to get about another inch between now and I believe it's at eight o'clock but I think that's supposed to diminish off as the day progressed as the night progresses an impossibility of some flurries as well coming into the overnight hour that doubt we will probably be in the clear coming to not coming into tomorrow but head on down the crisis center Michigan tips off with Purdue at six o'clock right around six o'clock you can't be down there the game will be on B. C. N. tonight's summation to infer that mission going into this game five in five in big ten play they hit the five hundred mark with their big victory over Iowa on Sunday and produce coming into this one it with a six and five record so victory puts Michigan in the plus side of things and house guys is quite a bit if you did a quite a few teams actually get themselves back into the other run of the possibility of big ten regular season championship now it's it's not out of the now the question but there are a lot of big teams ahead of Rutgers with Michigan has been early in the season our they've got in the end in front of Maryland is in front of northwestern who is a very tough team we heard met park on the call with them last weekend and then I was still on top is a three way tie and top between Iowa north western Maryland MFR will definitely way in more about this as we get closer to tip off which we are about four minutes away from your pregame coverage we should be having ray here on sports talk ten fifty to be to get the ticket and you can listen to it online to be to get out com Michigan Purdue tip off coming up at six o'clock we'll get to Matt park in the coverage from Learfield IMG college coming up after these PSAs get you ready for today's match up between the Wolverines and the Boilermakers here on sports activity to be to get the tickets livia from Washington laid off and trying to keep our little kids from realizing that mommy and Daddy haven't eaten in awhile Roger from California I'm grateful we could afford our son surgery nervous that.

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