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And of course is on the morning schmo show he and misery schmo and the plagiarised the sexual harasser they you talk about a clowns show there it is right there cut to go once again we face a moment where the president served jerking the wheel of the boss of our nation left and right left and right he could say i've thought about it i've looked at it and frankly vis deal with one little tweak is something i can sign off on under the this deal eleven million illegal aliens are aliens would become legalize come into the country we just need a little tweet key a little tweak there this is from a tour charles truckee schmucky schumer cut three go the majority leader he's dismissed the urgency of solving the fate of dreamers he calls it a manufactured crisis it was manufactured by the republican party gop now it's fascinating to me in the first two years the obama administration when the democrat party controlled the house and the senate they did nothing nothing on immigration let alone the dreamers nothing to this is manufactured well he's right about that but to mcconnell's credit is not manufactured by mcconnell it's manufactured by schmucky schumer and little dick irvin and that and that gang go ahead president trump rescinded the daca program now democrat while he was sending the daca program last time i checked the courts rescinded the daca program let me explain something to chuck schumer see there's this thing called the constitution and you have lifted your hand put another hand on the bible and sworn to uphold a to safely supported the prior president barack obama instituted a piece of legislation congress institutes legislation as any thirdgrader knows congress institutes legislation but no house didn't care so we did it anyway federal court said it's unconstitutional so now what they're saying is that trump rescinded the daca i wish your were so noticed chuck schumer doesn't questioned the constitutionality illegality of it or anything of the sort because he doesn't care how the majorities leader decisions leader.

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