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Four people have been arrested in the rodent family murders in pike county. The family's murders had been on solved since their bodies were found inside their homes in twenty sixteen. Now, George Billy Wagner, the thirty wife Angela Wagner as well as their two children, George Wagner, the fourth and Jake Wagner. All of south Webster are now charged with eight counts of aggravated murder with death penalty specifications. Dewine said at a press conference today in pike county that a custody battle data play a role in the motive for the killings as Jake Wagner shared a child with one of the victims nineteen year old Hannah rodent three children were found alive at the crime scene, including a five day old baby. And a marijuana. Grow up was also discovered on the property where some of the victims were found we could not control nor were we in a position to deny speculation that's gone on for the last two and a half years about drug gangs coming in a Mexican drug cartel on all those things you'll notice we've been pretty careful about what we have. We have set dewine said they reviewed more than eleven hundred tips conducted over five hundred and fifty interviews and even tested over seven hundred pieces of evidence all during the last two and a half years. The one thousand one hundred workers set to lose their jobs with nationwide will receive an official sixty day notice in Jan. Effectively giving them about four months notice before the layoffs become effective in March over three hundred and fifty people in Columbus will be let go by the company the job cuts will occur mostly IT marketing property and casualty operations and.

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