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You're allowed to feel bad if you're having a day like it is a big change until happening here career as well it is. It is but I will tell you like my kids for example. They've got two uncles. That are total chrome domes. So so you know there was one one of my daughters is like. I think you should grow your eyebrows back and I was like I love that idea. totally into it. I said I don't know if it's going to happen but I'm I'm take note. Thank you very much but like I was coaching their soccer team this year and I was wearing a hat. Which I- Jacksonville Suns But whatever had I had on in one of the kids I guess I hadn't had it off before and I took the hat off and it was like the record. You know Stopped in one of the kids. Not My daughter goes wide. You take your hat off. You just said I was hot and I said should I have not done that and she goes yes I would not take that said. Oh boy why and she goes. It does not look good see. This is the honesty that I really actually craven. Craven need right now. It's just a six year old Sophia. Go and yet. Don't do it. Not a good idea. So that's where that's at all right so go back out. Ah You're the voice of the Joliet Jackhammers Voice Joliet Jackhammers just a couple. He was for one season. Shared the job I with two other people. We rotated through the best story Outside of Pete rose Showing up in the concourse because his son Pete Junior was on that team game he would set up like a card table like lemonade. Stand and sell autographs for twenty five dollars a piece and I was like seems about right for so you know it's It's tough it's like you want the guy to be in the hall of fame as the hits all time hits leader he sending up a little card. Santa can't imagine he's hurting for money that that much anyway. So that is that the best story is was a day that I wasn't working there. which is ex cub brant Brown? What so this is independent league not affiliated head like Schaumburg Flyers Joliet jackhammers what have you saint. Paul are canaries. Whatever it was so these are guys that mayor played in? The majors is based out of this summit up to make the majors. Some of them played some of them played in are hoping to come back at the end of their careers. Some of them are guys that fell out of the farm farm systems for other teams. And they're still young and they have a real good shot. Brant Brown was a guy who Falls into the former category. where he he was a cub for a few years But we they hired us as funny is to come in and give a little just a little in places. Just add a little more so it was always like trying undefined. The level we we knew right away that the crowd was or wasn't in in stadium. This stadium not on radio not on TV. This coming up next like Brock Meyer. Okay okay. Exactly yes So my friend Kevin was doing this game with my other friend show and Ramp round came up in the first innings struck out swinging and they made like a whistling windy sound and he was on the opposing team. Right Fair enough Third inning becomes bobby strikes out again. Swinging you can see where this is going in the seventh inning comes up again and they do the same thing. He's out again and and the added a little more mustard I think now on her said something to the effect of like Hurricane Brown is you know Ah graced US once again. Whatever it is well he turns looks up at the booth and then walks into the dugout but somehow a minute later is knocking on the door of AH yeah in full uniform and pounding on the thing and they'll let him in and he's like he basically you know he reminded them that It was his livelihood and that he didn't appreciate The editorial But that was kind of exciting but actually love that It was it was one of those gigs where Juliet working at. Second City at the time and I just kept thinking like this is the perfect amount of working in sports for me. It's like they're giving me microphone. You can't really go crazy but you can. You know you can maybe throw a nickname out there. It was mostly having fun with the guys that were on our team. It was really not about giving shit to the other team but it was fun and Myrlie Baseball. I will. You'll say It's what it's it's got a lot more of what taking your kids to a game should be what Im- major sports are now. It's so corporate. It's so sort of you know. may be commercial that you lose sight of Hot Dog should be. I mean I sound like the oldest man in the world that is a hot dog should be five dollars not fifteen dollars. It just doesn't make any sense and so it was a real. It was a blast and basically as we were saying is go work for your Minor League Baseball team. All right now I think five dollars is too much rod so a lot that you went to high on that. It's a lot to be a dollar. It should be dollar dollar dog. Dog is now we're talking about home. Depot again great hotdogs like a dog out there Get that when I was a kid. One of those guys make it for me breath to me the like the perfect example of what you're talking about it's like minor league. Baseball is is great when your kid to go and experience the game. Yeah when I was. I don't know how old maybe maybe fifteen or sixteen I went to Pittsfield. Mets were in my area in western Massachusetts. And I got four balls from in one game. I like got like two to foul balls. One home run I ran around the back and grabbed it and then the famous chicken happened to be an come on. I mean that's four baseball's chicken. Yeah Baseball's what else do you want. Where else are you gonNA get? You never get one ball at a major league. It gets four and regular sure. Well that's a Bath House teabag Gary You have to look at you like those jokes Brad. Thanks for being here. Thank you so much. What is your A blast to be here thanks. That's my bread. Moore's terrific thing but here's a very quickly that we did for Sean casten brackish playing Putin right and I did not know about the L. A. P. S. all committed this fucking thing and I feel badly a game show host. I barely put a jacket. aww Bald Wig. And now I know I gotta figure out more ways to to leverage the baldness. I'm working on it I'm trying to To jump into these things the best part is Putin is mostly all these little wispy blonde things But yeah always excited to play An allegoric Russian hair or no hair that you. That's what I was getting. Brad I know Brad from his quickly. Bear Down with podcast. I used to help Matt Wall show with and and Scott Armstrong. Yeah and you did on that show a lot. That's how I met those guys we did. We did Tech Point they get they had me. Do you ask again emmy do Procure off who. Who is really He was an olive before. All this stuff happened years ago. He's a jet skiing being gallivanting six-foot-five Russian billionaire Who grafted all his money off of The fall of the the of the Soviet Union and And then bought. The New Jersey Nets a lot on there but yeah man. It's great to to WHO I get to be on this show with you guys and have to say about before we get out of here. What's he talking about? Audie audie how do I know how y'all how do I know I win. The World Syria two thousand five on DOT com. That's a wild L.. To meet people say that's why I mean look at. There's Gary Cockrell villagers while boy I hope for the NFL. That our friend. Brad Morris ars objects next time on the PODCAST. AK47 gone not forgotten. If you enjoy never not funny why why not sign up for the players club you get full video of every episode and an extra show every week when you become a member sign up now at PODCAST DOT com..

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