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No mr green. Communism is just a red herring like all members of the oldest profession. I'm a capitalist. Hello and welcome to muller she wrote and holy majoli. We had one hell of a friday news dump this weekend. The department of justice is not fucking around my friends and we love to see it so much has happened. That indicates this justice department is not just going to ignore the former administration and their misdeeds. And i'm glad we were all a little patient. When merrick garland and there are still more litmus tests for me believe me. And i still am against a couple of the decisions that he's made. I add three red lines. I was hoping this justice department wouldn't cross and they eliminated two of them for me this week. So now there's only one left knows. Three red lines were if the department of justice represented mo brooks which. They decided this week not to do. If the department of justice represented trump in the insurrection lawsuits which they clearly said they weren't going to in the mo brooks decision and so those two are gone but the third one remains if the doj announces they will not pursue obstruction of justice charges against a former guy. Red line for me. So yeah with that decision this week. For maine justice that they want the court to deny certification of mo brooks speech at the ellipse being within the scope of his job as a congressman basically. They're saying he his speech is we can't step in. As a defendant for mo brooks and mo brooks asked the department of justice to they said we cannot we can't because instigate i'll tell you why in a minute but it the the message. The message was loud and clear need some information clear clear. This is clear they will not defend mo brooks speech nor would they defend any federal employees that instigated the attack on the capital. So i it's not just it wasn't just about because the the first reason they gave and i did a deep dive on this decision a couple of days ago on the daily beans so check that out but the general gist was mo brooks given a campaign speech campaign speeches and party your job and hey court if you don't agree with us that this was a campaign speech then fall back on this to deny it. Instigating insurrection is not within the scope of the job of a congressperson or any federal employees. So that wiped out mo brooks and trump and julia while guiliani is not a federal employees but any congressperson who did that and trump junior as well. I believe he was considered a federal employee. I can't remember though maybe not might just be kushner anyway. Like i said check out that episode of the daily beans but today on miller she wrote. I'm going to cover a lot of the friday news dump and some other stories and i'm happy to announce we'll be chatting later in the show with anne mccabe always excited to speak to andy. He brings such a good and important perspective. So all right. Let's get kicked off. Let's jump into the headlines with just the facts all right first up russian hackers. The ones behind the massive solar winds cyber espionage campaign broke into the email accounts of some of the most prominent federal prosecutors offices around the country last year. that's according to the justice department. Who said this on friday. The department said eighty percent of microsoft email accounts used by employees in the four. Us attorney's offices in new york were breached all told the justice department said twenty-seven us attorney's offices had at least one employs email account compromise during the hacking campaign. The justice department said in a statement that it believes the accounts were compromised from may seventh to december twenty seventh twenty twenty summer. Twenty-seventh is an interesting date. Because that's the day that trump made the call to the justice department and pressured them to announce that the election was corrupt. And he would take it from there. That's more crazy news. That dropped this. Friday notes from donahue. And we'll talk about that With anne mccabe now. Such a timeframe is notable because the solar winds campaign which infiltrated dozens of private sector companies and think tanks as well as at least nine. Us government agencies was first discovered and publicized in mid december. Twenty twenty and biden said tuesday that he'd been briefed on russian efforts to spread misinformation related to twenty twenty two. The midterm elections quote. Look what. Russia is doing already about the twenty twenty two elections and misinformation this during a speech at the o. Dna he referenced. information That he said was contained in his private president's daily brief it's a pure violation of our sovereignty biden said the intelligence community needs to take on the rampant information. That's making it harder and harder for people to assess the facts and be able to make decisions buying repeatedly referenced. Russian president putin during his remarks suggesting at one point he believes russia's weakened economy makes putin more dangerous in the cyber realm the intelligence community previously assessed that russia sought to interfere in two thousand sixteen and twenty twenty on orders from putin. Now report made public last year Or excuse me earlier. This year said russia acted to boost former trump's campaign and damaged biden's candidacy. Russia has denied it all. So that's that's going on. Us attorney's offices they're all sorts of interesting information on some prosecutions that may have been sitting there cleaning. Maybe tom barrack. Although i guess nobody tipped him off because he was arrested in los angeles surprise and we have a ton of news from the justice department. Like i said i. Main justice announced they would not invoked executive privilege for potential testimony from former trump. doj officials including folks. Like jeffrey rosen. And richard donahue and then and then they handed over several pages of contemporaneous notes written by donohue during a phone call between trump and his acting attorney. General jeffrey rosen. That sound an awful lot like the phone call. Trump had was zielinski that led to his first impeachment..

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