Robert Kaplan, Travis County, Senator John Syria discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


National average. But the reserves Robert Kaplan says a lack of skilled workers is becoming a real drain on that growth the country in that science reading scores. Kaplan says the state's population growth gives us an edge as well as the thriving oil and gas sector, the state's diversity, and the fact that our population is younger than the national average are all pluses to continued economic vitality. John Kelly, NewsRadio KLBJ Caldwell county state Senator John Syria co-sponsors Bill and constitutional amendment that we keep money collected from the sporting goods sales tax devoted to state and local parks. Travis county. Stein says that tax creates grants that benefits the county. KLBJ radar weather watch overnight, low of forty eight I'm Robert Wood dead. News on demand at NewsRadio KLBJ dot com. Now. Life. Not. No. Premiere networks presents coast to coast AM. Now, here's your guest host, Richard Serra. I was never a huge country music fan. And then I heard Chris Stapleton. And now, I am nobody to blame. A few.

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