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Into the red zone here looking to take their first lead of the game uh so far today's been tough to bring down his get two three yards after contact each time it'll be an eighteen yard game officially and now look at this it won't be cross under center and handoff will go to shepherded does a gift much but on that play they brought in kevin witcher these sophomore quarterback who by the way it is imperative that we note that witcher was the quarterback four ram part when they played monarch it was not kion crew so if you talking about what is different that is certainly different there the the rams brought in a different look with witcher cross was one of the back but shepherd straight ahead got nothing silvery up second down and ten ball on the monarch twelve cross the chaaka screen out to the farsighted caught by air braam racha fraud van for the ramp parked touchdown great individual effort by reaching the last yard now for the down monarch did know what happened to the ball came will was after he touched down into the end zone great stretch their fill after giving everyone a high five bams going to uh hold the here for mick reynolds sap is good hold so make reynolds had his stutterstepped abel i'll put his foot through the nation soccer plagued to do in those stutter steps on the free kicks knock through five fifty to go in opening quarter and thanks to a twelve yard touchdown pass from cross the bamut has taken the sevenpoint lead two touchdowns already for a ban great job by during the storm i mean they didn't have the weather a too long before they tied the game up at seven but uh you know grape play there by the coaching staff to get that next touchdown that is a fifty five yard drive that takes six minutes off the board gone exactly what rob warrior likes to see from his offense even if it's a relatively short field rail the clock work it and get into the end zone the great job by iran plenty on the extra point he's already a left the kicker then he had this stuttered stem great job i am tell you this as multitalented soccer players amen one received at the goal line arkin a harrods head baghdad on by ram party getting.

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