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Where i could get it in any work. Honesty Today were were a lot where. I just cut it like this. The ball one handed over in turnover in then I remember george takei george hill a few years ago in houston me that were the first year he got to the spurs He shot it all right and he thought he had a great shot and then next summer we need to change shot and he is saying that he would make five hundred form shots day. They wouldn't let him shoot outside of outside of ten feet for Any decide to shoot it over and over. And he's like just. Because i think anybody wants to change their shot they just have to be based enough to to give it the time to develop. Because it's not going to be perfect after a day or even a few days or even a few weeks it takes time but being confident enough to that it will pay off in the end which has for me when you now. You told me say swish when you shoot a free throw is what are the thoughts or do you have any. When you're in a game as far as soon the basketball do you have any thoughts things you save yourself things that you always do like as part of kind of your catching shoot or audrey routine. Yes so one thing that i always try to do. Is that before. I get into the into the form of it because that's become second nature. I always thought focus on the front Free prongs of the ramp that connects with the rim. I'll try to find three of those and sometimes you can only find to based on angrier and you just i always aim right for that middle and then i focus on the all the way until i release it typically about the last. You know seven two two nine feet of coming down. I'll actually look at the ball. And i'll see if if it was going in between those three and then after that i know if it was a little right still in in that i know that either turn my handle too much or just maybe because of the way i was balanced In so that's actually that. I learned from steph curry watching a few his of his documentaries and different things of of how he likes to shoot at something that that i tried and i really liked not ball flight. Yeah so he's He's a ball flight shooter. And i know that something geyser have lead never looked at the ball. Some guys look right after they released it But my thing is is that i've always looked at the rim and then seen the ball come over but i've i've started more so looking at it and then it's given me a better idea to of what the trajectory was like On its way to the rim of volvos two flat or even if add too much arc which which is hard to do but Those type of things that i can look at and analyze taps best in your mind from shooter shooter staff the best year. Yes some grisly british shooter of all time in my mind. I think that that you can pick a few things of maybe klay thompson has a a prettier shot or better former maybe a better standstill shooter. But i think when you're talking about shooter you have to be able to achieve every single shot every single aspects. Then he can heal right hill left and obviously unbelievably quick release and unlimited range like but the idea that he can go right and left and standstill is crazy is just it's it's you know most everybody else. Everybody has like. I really like like i remember was notre dame we. We ran a play. Call three side. my coach. who's relate. John macleod is an old nba coach and for until the very last game of the year every pick and roll. We ran was to the right. He's like you're right handed. Like yeah right hand is most guys actually shoot the ball better going left i couldn't really competently shoot and i would work on it every day in college but like my whole life. I was operable on that but the idea that he can shoot going either way is just. That's the most remarkable. Yeah i've looked even the way that like like targeted about this with ryland. The other day like a crossover blow has never spelt natural to me like well. Not just that but listen. Here's the not natural. That was always going to be a bad shot. Never should've never off across. You violates that. Right i mean but he makes such a high percentage any must it must be from working on it and is balanced and how cleanly he picks it up. Do you seem you. Seem the ball when he picked up Yeah i. I'm a big seem shooter anywhere. I'd catch it. I always know be a left hand. Kind of turn seems have you. Did you have you practiced. Do you have any tricks for that. I think part of it is the I have actually had Workouts where i'd sell them. Never pass it to me with the seams and so with that is always catch it off the seam and always have to quickly turn it or there's even part of me that Like i have a little level of ocd. And so either. I pass the ball. I always pass it to him where it's in the party scene on c. unseen in the pocket and so I can actually when the ball is coming to me. I actually. I don't know if a practice it or if it's just become second nature actually see where the seams are And so i actually tend to change my hand. Position of how catch it to where cats Turn it as much okay. I i never heard of that trick. That's a that's a really good one last thing. Choose what what is your. What is your not. was your shoe game like. Do it the same shoes all season. Do you change them after a loss d of wait until they're just like flat tires and they're dead. Is there a certain style of shoe. I will only wear the you mentioned. Ocd guys that have those indeed. Have they do the same thing. What gimme your your your shoe shoe. Not your shoe game in terms of what he went around town shopping terms of playing First off our only playing nikes And and that's the only shoe wear on the court And then secondly kobe i. I grew up a laker span My dad taught me young. That were lakers fans hours luna in. It's sacrilege in you. Tell a little bit but my dad's from baguettes in so we're dodgers fans. Were lakers fans. You know that was the closest sports team and his grandpa was big. Lakers dodgers fan. So he grew up going to the games. Which were about two hours away from vegas and so So i grew up wearing koby's and In on my mission he he passed. And i still remember day sitting in church and i got a message like hey coach just died and i was like wait. What but wait let's put. Let's go to that day. okay. I'll tell you where i was so I got back from calling a game. My daughter is an equestrian rider and were sitting there and she's warming up and all the sudden i get a taxes like there's no way this is real and then a couple of dudes like no way no way and all my friends think because you know you when you work in sports like but like i somehow know what's a real story and i do but like not when it breaks. Yeah you're like. Did you check twitter. Kobe dot and i looked like and no one knew was real faith but it was tmz and generally. They don't miss right So my daughter. actually then. She's writing in the ring in a show. She is gray. She wins and gatherings she's walking or horseback tour to.

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