President Biden, New York Bridges, Wnbc discussed on Mark Levin



Appointment. Ohio Health has also filled all their spots for this week. They're still scheduling appointments for the next couple of weeks out. There is also a mechanism in place if there's extra doses, or they have no shows that they would call 80 year olds and older that are on a wait list to come in and that scenario. We don't want to waste any vaccines. But we also want to make sure those vaccines go to the appropriate tear. ABC Sixes Alexis Meow burger reporting there. Those over the age of 80, who do not live in assisted care facilities are next in line that will be followed by those 70. Five and older next week. The list was also opening up to disabled adults and school employees in the weeks ahead. Health and faith leaders are reaching out to community members working to ease any fears regarding the vaccine, especially in minority communities. Ah soldier from northeast Ohio today is accused of trying to help terrorists kill Americans. WNBC in New York is reporting that army private first class 20 year old coal bridges of stones facing charges of material support. For terror and attempting to kill U. S soldiers. That story, originally reported by WNBC in New York Bridges allegedly threatened the 9 11 memorial and plotted to help Isis kill American troops in the Middle East. Bridges is a member of the third Infantry Division out of Fort Stewart, Georgia. He allegedly made threats to an FBI undercover agent online. I met Reese. Congressman Jim Jordan says the influx in migrant caravans headed towards the U. S border should have been expected. Theo, Ohio Republicans said today he believes President elect Joe Biden's promises for immigration reform is drawing this crowd of migrants to the southern border. I don't think I don't think it's a surprise at all, I think President Biden soon to be President Biden Indicated that he was going to relax the immigration changes that President Trump couldn't place that I think served our country well. Biden had.

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