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Our downtown area. We're going to utilize all city agencies, including Business, neighborhood services. We're gonna talk the next size. We're going to use our nuisance Abatement unit, the fire marshal from the Fire department. So the feeling that I got was, it's really just a hand full of establishments like three bars. That have the majority of the problems, and these other business owners are like we're willing to pay. What can we do? So now it's all hands on deck. There's going to be sobriety checkpoints, excise anybody that's able to help downtown. Come on downtown and help because something has to be done. Matt Bear standing by in the W IBC Traffic Centre, Alright hammer looking at the Northeast side eastbound 4 65 still kicking right now, Keystone Avenue, past Alison Ville Road and on the East Side, southbound. 4 65 slow from 70 down the South Shabalin looking in Lawrence. We do have a crash in Oakland and and Pendleton Pike and then on the sound side eastbound 4 65 slow with them from Harding over Beech Grove Traffic sponsored by Mattress firm It's Mattress firm's Fourth of July sale for limited time. Save up to $500 on top rated matches brands like Seeley and Sleepy's. Matt Bear. Follow us on Twitter for instant traffic updates hence over you IBC Traffic. Partly cloudy 82 at the American Standard Cooling Weather Center at 93. W I. B. C I want you to get up right now. Go to the window. Open it. Please stick your head out and yell. I must mag as hell. And I'm not gonna take this anymore. And now, Cameron, Nigel, go off.

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