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DNA but governor Greg Abbott says his forthcoming plan for re opening will overrule any local policy the White House has set certain standards for states to re open and one of them is a two week downward trend of new publications by that standard Georgia fails but CBS correspondent mark Strassmann this pandemic could threaten progress that some states have been making an expanding access to pre K. programs forty four states and DC server one point six million children in the pre kindergarten programs in the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen school year but the National Institute for early education research at Rutgers says state budget cuts could wipe out the growth in participation and quality of those programs the group says state funding for early education is considered discretionary which leaves those programs unprotected right now all during budget cuts kids are supposed to be social distancing as well and while it's recommended that they get out of the house to exercise with their parents doctors say they should wear masks if they do have to go out for any other reason recommended for kids over to how do you convince children to wear face coverings normalizing and reassure them that even though it's different than what they're normally doing that it's not scary chief of pediatrics for Kaiser Permanente Adrienne collier you can practice at home wearing the mask around the house he can play games with your kids and pretend that they're super heroes you can put masks on their stuffed animals without creating danger of suffocation collier says mask should fit snugly with few gaps on the side and no gap in the kitchen area or on the bridge of the child's nose Kristy king WTOP news we're seeing all green on Wall Street today Jeff Claiborne leave now is up to four hundred and seven points the S. and P. five hundred index is up two percent money news in ten minutes on WTOP sports at fifteen and forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank rad one fifteen today Preston one year ago on this very day the capitals were in the middle of their first round playoff series with Carolina and while this year's team awaits the resumption of the season whenever that might be tonight Alex events can faces off against all time great Wayne Gretzky on Xbox the two will play best of three series on NHL twenty monumental sports entertainment senior vice president exactly owns this we're very lucky in that Alex and Wayne have a really fantastic relationship Alex recently posted on Instagram a video of him playing the NHL game with the sun and it got caught when Zayn win said why don't we do something work will stream online no competitive match between ourselves and we'll try to use it as an opportunity to raise money for covert nineteen the lead the series will stream live on the capital's twitch channel beginning at eight viewers will have the opportunity to donate to the monumental sports entertainment foundation as well as the Edmonton food bank to benefit the coronavirus relief effort baseball years are perking up in Frederick Bowie Hagerstown and Fredericksburg the minor leagues have reportedly agreed to MLB's proposal to reduce the number of affiliated teams by twenty five percent from one hundred sixty to one hundred twenty next year not including rookie league teams the nationals and Orioles currently have five minor league affiliates apiece NFL fox nineteen in Cincinnati reports that the Bengals have told LSU quarterback Joe burrow that he'll be the.

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