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Great. How's everything mike's always you always happy. You're always in a good mood It's kind of a. It's kind of an act now dark sick with it. We've always got along really well. I've always like mike. Yeah well two things one. I love you and i'm a big fan you too. I'm very afraid of you. So i i've always been nice to you. Oh yeah absolutely but you never wanna cross someone you know true. This guy was almost my producer. Mike i know i remember sin lunch with rob bradford who haven't spoken to in three years at the pizza by the way i lost. That pizza is gone. Mike you get really gone replaced by frank pepe. Ace oh awesome. It doesn't fill you up though. Oh i think it's the opposite. Now the what's new what's new and that's been shackled tanning Nothing nothing really. Just you know looking for a new editor. You know hockey up and going. I have a question for you. Guys though schork. Wilbur theatre look going on with that. Went into wilbur show so he pushed that we had the back a fifth time because of covid. So it's january twenty second twenty twenty two and it is going to happen then if you want your absolutely you any of those guys will. You will get you in no problem. Are you guys still doing multiple shows and thank you for that definitely be attending but are you. Are you guys doing. Multiple shows. Two shows that night. Seven o'clock in nine forty-five yes. Yup sold out banks about nine minutes to shows. I look to it boy. Alright we yeah. So so you're saying do we should not pursue this colony thing. We almost onion. I think we can pursue it. But i mean we'd have to get permission from the shore. I understand i understand all right. I'll talk to you later hanging there. What do you think. Conan ads in a parenting podcast. Question example what not to do. I don't really know what his your wife's and labor should be on. A podcast should be having.

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