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This somebody Couple of eagles that got into it there, But it is again non injury collision downtown to Folsom Eastbound 15. 29 minutes westbound of 50 of it, Kuipers. Somebody went into a snow bank of there. By the way, I looked at a camera up of King Veil on 80 0. My God, It's a winter wonderland of really not something I really want to be driving through right now. Downtown to Folsom 2022 minutes 16 minutes, Woodland North and by five and nine minute drive downtown and Davis West found 80. Safeway is the largest buyer of Northern California producing right now it's safe way shop with your club card and get £1 of sweet strawberries or a pint of sweet blueberries. Buy one Get one free plus £3 bags of Mandarin cuties are only 3 77 each traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Thanks, Dina. And your forecast now brought to you by life Source. Whole house water systems. Flash running. Debris flow watch remain in effect through tomorrow afternoon. Rain tonight Breezy this evening. Well, ceelo 46 to 50 rain tomorrow, Additional rain can lead to flooding problems will see a high tomorrow 52 to 56 Friday. We'll see a passing shower otherwise, clouds and sun with a high 53 to 57. Mackey Weathers, Drew Shana News. 93.1 KFBK Roseville 45 degrees Eldorado Hills has 43 Wrench Cordova 46 degrees, Business and Money news. What's going on on Wall Street to Kelly Brothers is arcade became money Guy and certified financial planner apples, setting a new revenue record for itself. First quarter ever frappe Woman recorders three months They had over $100 billion in revenue. 111 to be exact, another very good earnings report for Apple. But some of the other reports were disappointing Test laughter. The bell today disappointed a little bit..

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