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And the man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate with a full support of his party now this is very interesting to me his particularly in the ruined more important part roy more denies everything i'll franken says if women interpreted what i did a certain way and these other women it's just not true but roy more is guilty he notice roar and more as guilty period according to al franken al franken's innocent period but roy more guilty period and of course it's all about trump it's all about trump we gotta get trump look no matter what happens next the bottom we gotta get trump its immigration get trump does row in jerusalem get trump trump he's mentally ill get trump he's in saying get trump comes the north korea i trust the north koreans over trump get trump alphabet inc an sec used as sexual harassment it's about trump pathetic i'll be right back over him 610 wtvn i wanna switch gears for a minute and talk about something most people don't like to think about air wax i know it's gross it's embarrassing but it's a real problem for a lot of people i'm sure you've used drugstore remedies and maybe even tempted by those alternative medicine techniques now there's a real solution for stubborn near wax it's called wax are x it's dr developed and the method physicians trust most the wax are x ear wash system was developed by the same company that's made professional medical era wash systems for over twenty years the complete wax our ecs system comes with everything you need to safely clean out your waxing condition your earshome so why pay to go to the doctor order wax rx and use the professional approach for clean and healthy ears at home or that dr preferred wax rx air wash system today a go wax rxcom that's go.

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