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'cause I saw hold on, I think, and fight him off, but I think he's going to be JT yet because Finke I think is the Vegas favorite. Yeah, but I think it'll be JT nails because there's a list of each college team. They don't wanna make the same mistake that they made with Sam. Remember they should've play Sam against Alabama and the right side of the play, whatever his name was. What was his name? Maximum maximum Brown expert next radio? Yeah, they decided to go with max Brown and that was it? Yeah. Because they did the these favourite is Fink in Vegas right now over JJ Daniels, oh, see what happened? Kind of stuff people do in the world man. What happened? A shark was kidnapped in a baby stroller. Yeah, shark was Kim watching ABC good Morning America. Shark napped. Somebody stole a shark out of the aquarium. It put it in a baby stroller, and try to destroy it away with it. This stuff y'all do, man. It is great. So ESPN analytics says, aviator, heathen, early to baby t the no worry about that. Do the ESPN analytics created their top twenty one actually because it's twenty years of the BCS since the BCS era began no Alabama teams in the top five, which is ridiculous. Four teams in the top ten, though they do have teams the top show, man. Alabama's a lot of Alabama. I know some of them, Alabama teen or really good man KOMO yeah. So the Trojans of two thousand four number five, the Florida state Seminoles ridiculous. Twenty-three makes no sense for two thousand one Miami at three which is low. Two thousand eight, Florida Gators which is ridiculous. Ridiculous sand and number one. USC no vet team that beat USC two thousand five western Michigan university Bronco no, Vince young Texas loan. Dan. One lucky. They're not the best team. All tired ridiculous. But if you watched which you watch? Yes, I did. It was lucky. First of all, first of all, we went in there way. Overconfident they did okay way over coffee. Sure. We got Reggie Bush wide open running down the middle of the field. He decides, oh, I remember matter all. He's a walk on here. Also, if he if that one play alone changes the whole thing changes the whole. Borough makes a decision. Is that of saying, we've been running this play all the whole time always works. Maybe you'll put the damn ball and make that do go ninety, make red do go night, but it wasn't look man. That was looked, you know, why wasn't luck make that do go ninety because if they were so inferior, it wouldn't have gone down to the final play man. It went down to the final play because we kept making stupid mistake Brian. He nobody force Reggie Bush to do key. Listen, I. At the time I listen key. I don't think so. I feel your pain because I, this is Kim Kardashian jingo back into the two thousand s the ball in that when state one in double overtime and say, if this play wouldn't have, but it happened. The reality is the reality of above replant it back in her mind. And it's not true though because if Pete punched the ball, yes, instead of saying we always get it first of all, Reggie Bush to stand on the sideline. Right? He should be in the game. Yeah, you give it the lyndale. It didn't quite work out if we punt. Right. I believe Vince young can't go ninety right in that short period of time. You gave him a short field short field, stop it because on TV and it didn't hurt more because it was here. No, I wouldn't even have the game. I gave my tickets away. Sport. Out literally hard to get into that literally wind up giving my tickets away as I started to go to the game, and it was crowd just gave them away to somebody in Santa Monica, Texas fans going and go to game. Just. Yeah. Nice like that. Right. That Keyshawn Johnson shucks. He was so nice. No lose some guy..

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