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Product. He must become a member of Penn Fed, insured by anti way 35 times. Jeffries Don Pryor. Ladies and gentlemen, you have found the tide of Don shit. This realize it's a big deal. It really is that was squeezing some calling back. People lined up here. Let's see Lance Lance's in bass drop Formerly of the Backstreet Boys, But now he's on the tide of Don show Lance sorry in sync and she got my and sings mixed up. What? Alright? Yeah. And you were singing the new kids on the block. You got them all mixed up. That wasn't my thing, guys. So what's on your mind? That's well, I was thinking about the pipeline people losing jobs and end up homeless. Those hotels they're gonna buy in the Austin And then I lose you. No, no, no, You're here. OK, Sorry. OK, And so think about those properties around those who tell us they're gonna drop pretty quick, You know, Neighborhood's gonna get run down business is gonna get run out of business. And I tried to follow you guys pretty good, but didn't want Mayor Adler's relatives any related somebody who's in real estate, somehow his wife to buy a property. That's just why there were ladies in a property management business real estate business, They sleep in the same. His career of choice is a imminent domain lawyer that Z what a man had his previous job. That's kind of waters. We get a moratorium put on the sale. Those properties are that wanted to a vote when they ever get that way sold after they run down. It can't be used anymore. Yeah, it would transform a neighborhood and clear the way for some of you know, like a transportation corridor. You know what I mean? Listen, joining us on the celebrity news line from the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Miss Ellen Trucks, players with us. Wow, to be it's a big deal. Hang on a second. There we go, Alan. So today the Austin City Council is going to purchase a couple of hotels well beyond what they're valued at. What do you make of all of this? I just don't understand. The strategy especially sent the previous hotels that they've already way overpaid for are not in any way impact things. The homeless issue in Austin. And I don't think that buying more is gonna help, either. There's no There are too many people for us to buy hotels in order for us to get out of this, and they're doing it without any kind of A accommodating other services that people need, you know, job, mental health, transportation, all all of these things that people really need to kind of get off their feet. And so I just it seems like if you're going to do the most efficient and effective and quickest things to help people get back on their feet. Buying extremely expensive hotels is not the way to make the money go very far in the mayor even calls it transitional housing, so therefore it's temporary. What is the long term goal with these buildings? I think that it's just going to continue to be a revolving door of, you know, check in, check out check in check out but again without those services that you know, the city has kind of refused to acknowledge that you need other service that you can't have people addicted the substances while in that transitional housing, they don't want to put any of those that create period and place for people to qualify for that housing. And so what That means is it's just gonna be without addressing Problem, The underlying problems that are causing the homelessness. You're just gonna have a revolving door in those hotels and again. I mean, if it's places that people used to spend what $150 a night stay in e don't understand that this is this is the most effective way to do it. You know, Greg Abbott had set up You know, homeless kind of area housing area much much more cheaply. That really wasn't used. So I'm not. I'm not sure why We don't go that route rather than buying her clothes. And how many are they gonna buy? You know, we're going to start buying the Fairmont downtown and maybe they should buy the double. You know what? Basic by the W Good. There you go. And, uh well, here's the thing. I don't understand why you'd buy another hotel when the first one's not full. Right are the other three are not full, and you're absolutely right there. It just seems like it seems like what we're doing. And in a prime example of this I mean the canary in the coal Mine is is the beautiful four star arch that we have downtown. That's been a shining example of the city of Boston success, hasn't it? The arch downtown one of the highest crime blocks in our city? And so now, what we're doing is we're buying motels and spreading the arch around in different communities spreads a march that makes sense. Right? And and while while they're doing at their enable it continuing to enable homelessness right by making it easier and more convenient to kind of stay on the street if they want to, rather than helping them, you know, get clean or get back home or again addresses the issues, and it's e mean I could not believe my eyes last week when Save Austin now Finally was able to collect another 25,000 signatures. Get this petition on the ballot reinstates the homeless band. And the day after is when Mayor Adler decides to admit that the they're homeless program is not working. Kidding me. If you think about it. Homelessness has united this city against this city Council. It's something that has united us. Absolutely. What do you talk a little bit about? Go ahead. Talked a little bit about about the you know the I'm trying to think of Who's making money on this. You know what I mean? There's a commission check going someplace. The mayor's wife is in the real estate business. Is there some conflict of interest in all of this? Well, I don't know that there is And this is what? Well, first of all the people who own the hotels are making good money because I'm sure the city is paying a pretty premium for for those hotels, especially in this time where people aren't traveling. They're probably just lining up to get the city to write a huge check to buy their places. But what I really feel bad for the people who are living in those areas. You haven't really gotten to say in this process because this is I mean, just imagine, if all the sudden homeless shelter which again does not have any restrictions about you needing Tonto, be off of drugs when you are living there. What is? How would you feel if that opened in it, like next door to your house? I mean, It's just not good city planning. You take existing hotels that are supposed to be in hit areas for travelers who are checking out our city. You're coming here to do business and decide that that's a good place for a homeless shelter. It's just poor city planning, so I really think that this is gonna have a negative impact on those values. But if you guys are interested in in learning more about affordability in Austin in general, I'm going to be Speaking on a Texas public policy foundation virtual Livestream tomorrow at noon on Austin affordability so people can join that at Texas policy that calm Ellen. Thank you so much. We appreciate you calling in this morning. I have a great day out. There It is. 8 42 Todd and don show Todd Jeffries here want to tell you about the Central Texas region Mobility Authority and the 1 83 South Project, Transforming an eight mile stretch of us won 83 between 2 90 71 you have a new expressway is open if each His three told in 39 told lanes in each direction, the second and final phase of the project between techniques center and 71 that's gonna open in the next coming weeks. Yeah, the project includes 25 million worth of bicycle and pedestrian improvements, including shared use past sidewalks and by claims. One of the three told North Mount Road from 71 2 to 90 is now open. It's the fight. Enjoy. Thanks, E Order breakfast at the McDonald's drive through. Tell yourself you'll wait to.

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