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After the fact I read digital trades. So i'm usually not reading the stuff until i'm usually six to ten months at the least since it's come out amine Currently my bedtime reading as been mark. Wade's doctor strange series. I think that's a couple years old at this. Yeah you know so. I don't i try not to keep up. I think it's brain damaged truck. Keep is that a is that researchers f refund. Doc stretch for fun okay. Good deal doctor. Strange is one of the ones that got away. I never got. I always wanted to write at least a years. Running looking never got the chance so so it would have been fun if it were for research purposes. But it's not. Yeah that's actually one of the questions. We had here from a listener. Which was a. are there any big to wishlist characters. So doctor strange maybe are there. Are there any others. The marvel my to see you gotta understand that. I've written every character pretty much at both companies now. There's a difference between writing a character and writing book you know and and you used to get on a book and think you we're going to be on it for four or five years ten years whatever you know. Oh it's writers. Don't think that way anymore. Generational they change their thinking that they're they want to tell a story and then they're done or even if they want to stay on the book of being changed because they're shuffling creative teams all over the place all the time anyway The two that. I always wanted to write regularly at marvel back in the day. Were doctor strange. And and And captain america. Those are the two that i i really would have loved shot at both of those monthly cap. I could have written for five years without a problem doctor. Strange i don't think so. I i know i had. I know i had a a a a big story. I wanted to tell that would have been twelve issues and then could have propelled ramifications could propel for another twelve. So let's added twenty five issue. Run of doctor. swinger Cool that would've been cool. I would've liked that It tried i tried to get it back in like ninety ninety one and just do the editor ralph makia will chose this direction But that was that was one that got away and cap. I always wanted to write but at the time world was pretty pretty much. Never going to give that up so i got. I got the right nomad which is capped peripheral. And i got the right Adventures of captain. America limited series of government guar. So at least. I got my my finger in the pot absolutely what..

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