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I don't trust the other Internet company because they are not trustworthy. Look up open your eyes and see who is not trustworthy. I don't trust my doctors. I certainly don't trust the insurance company that is deciding what kind of treatment I can and cannot half. I don't trust our court system to be fair or two way. A human beings writes fairly against a Mega Corporation. I don't trust the food. Company that has enslaved farmers and then claims that they're helping farmers or the medical system that dumped opioid pharmaceuticals on farming communities allowing those mega corporations to control them in a desperate situation. Who benefits from more of US being poor then? A couple decades ago who benefits from a shrinking middle class who benefits from the allusion of economic stability in a ridiculous inflated stock market while we experience every day inflation of thirty percent over a couple of years who benefits from US falling farther and farther behind who benefits from US having a student loan crisis so the three generations of Americans will never be out of debt ever who benefits from entire generations of young people. Starting Life bankrupt not.

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