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Plus is the U. S approach to the border to old fashioned the technology for securing the southern border has grown dramatically so that you have technology that you can use today. That is probably more cost effective than this antiquated for the wall. Now these headlines Life from NPR News in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is blaming congressional Democrats for the deadlock in negotiations on the next Corona virus relief package. Speaking on the Senate floor today, McConnell once again to a game at the $3 trillion measure passed by the Democratic controlled House in May. Democrats are demanding that we sent Fayed local governments a colossal Amount of money. With no relationship actual need. Molly only spent 1/4 25%. Of the money they've already gotten. Democrats are also pushing to extend a $600 weekly unemployment benefits, which expired more than a week ago. Republicans have offered 1/3 of that amount. The two sides also remain at odds over additional funding for Corona virus testing and liability protections for businesses amid the pandemic. Republicans say the Democratic plan is too costly. Democrats accused Republicans of nickel and dime ing their way to a deal. The World Health Organization says the world is on track to hit 20 million confirmed Corona virus cases this week. While the U. S and Latin America are still the source of most cases, NPR's Ping long reports. Some parts of Europe and Asia are also seeing a surge in the number of infections in northern England. Some counties have reinstated lockdowns and banned people from visiting others at home. Tokyo's mayor is telling people to cancel summer travel and stay in the city as case counts rise. Michael Ryan, director of Health Emergencies program says it's inevitable that the Corona virus will spread when locked down. Restrictions were lifted. You can call that a second wave. You can call that a second spike You can call that a flare up. You can call it anything you like. Take the pressure off this virus. The virus will bounce back. He says that good contact tracing and data mean these lockdowns can be targeted too specific places and groups of people where case counts are climbing. And that the rest of society can be spared. Ping Guang NPR NEWS, a new study suggests President Trump's attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden on crime may not be working. NPR's Domenico Montanaro reports on findings from an NPR Marist Focus group in the key state of Arizona. The focus group consisted of eight voters a mix of Trump supporters, Biden backers and undecided voters. They were played. A trump campaign ad alleging a Biden presidency would result in a defunding of police a rise in crime and no one to answer 91 calls. But these Phoenix area voters, even the Trump supporters said the ad didn't reflect reality. They were far more concerned about the Corona virus in their state where cases air spiking. Many said the state opened far too soon and felt there should be more guidance from the federal government. Domenico Montanaro. NPR NEWS Washington Stocks closed mixed on Wall Street. Today, the Dow was up 357 points. The NASDAQ composite down 42 We're listening to NPR news in Washington. Live from Kait MediaNews. I'm terrorist. Siler announced 20 layoffs today, representing roughly 5% of our workforce. A number of other employees had their hours reduced. This nonprofits. Leadership blamed a sharp decline in corporate sponsorship due to the Corona virus. Pandemic is Rachel. My Wrath has more. The organization Science Department took what may have been the biggest hit, losing three journalists leading Corona virus coverage in an email to the staff president and CEO, Michael is it said recent cost saving measures were not enough to offset the need to lay some people off. In the next fiscal year, which starts in October. In April, he received a paycheck protection program loan to help cover three months. That resource is now ended, but the pandemic has not a sip, wrote Membership revenue. Which hell steady this year is expected to drop next year is our listenership is also struggling due to the pandemic. I'm Rachel Myrow kick you in the news. And to maintain editorial independence. No one from senior Leadership leadership team reviewed this report before it aired. 1/9 state prison staff member has died from Cove in 19 complications. This time, a correctional officer at San Quentin 55 year old Gilbert Bobby Polanco, worked on death row and had been fighting Kobe 19 for over a month. He died early yesterday morning. Over 250 staff members at San Quentin have tested positive for the virus. Of those, about 90 have returned to work. I'm terrorists. Isler in Oakland..

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