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And Chicago it's a football Fridays or of course the comedy your coach out about for a football Friday rotted twin preacher and Warrenville Fred you'll never informed comment com will be back on Monday at least that's the rumor that is the room as either today or tomorrow coming back were brought to you by truly hard cells are also banded together dot com album Monty Buick GMC we got a lot nice crowd out here everybody out here that the fireplaces are going it's a it's a perfect day for a football Friday it's beautiful it's beautiful it's playoff football kid yeah only a handful of games left here for the rest of the year lot of intensity a lot of interest in these games wild card weekend get it's one of the finest yeah it's a lot of fun yeah it I don't know why quite they put the a FC games out one day and get at sea and the other said at the altar at the end it doesn't matter games each day the idea that I I played I think and never had a buy out I'll never I mean I was in the playoffs in ninety three ninety four ninety five ninety six ninety seven and ninety eight six straight years in the playoffs never had the best record in I beat back then you're one team I I forget exactly how it works I office one team that the buyer two teams got to buy don't exactly remember I just know we never had it there was never a by the B. have for us so no no no time off whatsoever we were always plan and that you would it was fun yeah it was fun we won a lot on the first weekend while losses in the second week and then I had two losses in and if she in that one is the one loss the NC one wants me as a championship game but the playoffs are great I must tell you why as a player all you all your people are watching everybody is watching all the other guys you work with all the guys that are in the league right players all the other coaches you now are being it's like playing in a a Monday football game everybody's at home watching see what what's going to happen Sir and everything is online the speed picks up the intensity picks up these guys know you lose your done your season's over you get the pack your bags there's gonna be one happy team at the end of this one yeah everybody else the other eleven are going to be miserable in the gonna be trying to find answers the rest of the year and and then they'll be a lot more post season press conferences for every week there's a there's a few more there's four of them every week went up for the next two weeks let me know how does how does playoff money work because you when you were doing that you had your money for the season with their playoff money's all different right separate ever everybody gets paid the same it's an X. amount of dollars for the first weekend okay all teams get paid identical okay you move on you get to add on okay gotcha it's the same money for the second weekend in the AFC championship game it's the same money doesn't matter who wins or loses you get to the Super Bowl then there's the winner shared the loser shack out yeah and it's a it's an accumulation of all the money as you move on now now what they play for is a lot more than what we hear play for like I'm not trying to be your financial adviser but did you did you put that money separate from your other money like your season long money did you what a lot of money so yeah this you you don't get a choice no I mean I mean but the do you like say okay this is my playoff one ever do something different with this money all right yeah yeah if you want to have fun with it right why was put in my four oh one K. and maxed out my four oh one K. right away perfect so you know that money was coming in January put that money you straight to the four oh one K. so whatever was left over you'd have a little bit of fun perfect yeah perfect yeah you'd save a little bit you spend a little bit you to go have a little bit of fun going on a trip somewhere would you take it eastern Illinois what I take as an education major okay I started pre engineering switch to accounting and then went into education secondary education never got that degree still chasing it I need to write write a competency test I never I gotta go back down there and I think I they've added probably a history class or something that I would need to take to get back down there so they would they would five glorious years one hundred and sixty credits she is not toward one simple degree so they wouldn't hire you as a college coach with Dick is without the degree well I don't know if they were they wouldn't it's not necessarily guarantee I think they should you know maybe maybe I make a little donation on the stand alone and suddenly the degree appears at my door you never know that is not always exact but I guess I know back when the the old president was there he's more than happy to take Sheckler too what is the former Kansas City Royals pitcher Marty Patton do in order to get a bar named after that he by the bottle he is right across the street IBM fantastic yeah okay so we allowed to talk about today because we're gonna get in your car was doing his homework here breaking things down we got some hall of fame stuff here pro pro football hall of fame stuff and you were a little insisted that certain guys don't belong and other guys definitely do at the list of what fifteen players firearms are gonna make it in the fifteen players five guys going to make it and they've got another committee where they've got ten guys going to come out of then they've got a separate separate like contributors to the game and that were five of those members are going to go in for a twenty member class that they're gonna have going in twenty twenty so that should be fun I've got a couple of guys that I played up you know I played with and I play a bunch guys that played again Sir the the one argument I've made over the course of time and I think it's for safety's there on his final list Stephen that water John Lynch Troy Polamalu impala models of first time guy and we why bother who's also first time got are my guy twenty but Sally's on there so there's a lot of guys in and we're gonna break it down I mean we will get into it we'll get it a lot who belong to doesn't belong why people have such a tremendous opinion on one individual and simply dismiss another and we'll find out whether that's fair and I I have a question for both of you also know that a year from now whether we're here at Twin Peaks immortal wherever we are we talk about the bears back in the playoffs and will Mitchell to risky be the quarterback of the bears okay so we all I think it'd do we got that we've got the hall of fame stuff we got the four wild card games your chat but joining us at one thirty Mike north at one forty five with his pick leading up to waddle Silvy later on at two o'clock Freddie opener and for comedy covering your go show were at Twin Peaks in a worn real stop on by will be here all the way.

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