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Have had breast reproductive system cancers should consider DNA screening for BRCA jeans previous recommendations for BRCA testing was based on family history alone although less than ten percent of these cancers are associated with those jeans tough results can be used for counseling their children and considering new treatments shelf not a Washington west Virginia's top prosecutor says he is suing the major opioid makers Johnson and Johnson and to have a pharmaceuticals USA for misrepresenting the risks of their pain killing drugs Attorney General Patrick Morrissey file separate suits against the company's Friday both cases accuse the drug makers of violating the state's consumer credit and protection act and he is seeking monetary penalties check out breaking news read the best analysis at town hall dot com the city council candidate in Michigan said Friday she has no plans to enter campaign even after shocking a public forum with the statement she wants to keep her community white as much as possible Jane Kramer made the comment Thursday in response to a question about diversity and Mary Stella city and Saint Clair county fifty five miles northeast of Detroit the times Herald in port Huron said she's one of five candidates running for three council seats of ever more than ninety percent of very bills ninety seven hundred person population is white during a follow up interview Friday outside her very soul home Kramer doubled out of your statements she said if there is a biracial marriage in their family she could understand why her stance might upset our neighbors across reporting Amazon dropping plans for a warehouse the fulfillment center in suburban Maryland after neighbors complained about what the plans would do to the neighborhood the company says they.

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