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I don't know what. I hate less or more daniel bryan's theme or this shit. I hope they change. That is just fucking godawful. It's fucking Cancer to the ears. Jesus we start off star of dynamite with on rally. Led alter elite yola going up against park. My god is so fucking. Great man i you know and this match i i wanted it to be better. Actually i actually this match went fucking thirty minutes and i would have enjoyed every minute of it. Had his moments where it was a little bit spotty here and there but still. It's just pot pockets fucking that good. Did you see the spot where andrade hit the guardrail and such and he checked on the kid made sure he was okay. Now it's fucking cool angle that's cool But yeah child comes in. He interferes in a match drought. Pulls out the w but then we get andrade attacking chabot for helping. When he didn't need it and in-depth trying comes out and beats down chabot enter ric flair stage left. This wasn't necessary so much more you could you could do you. Could you still have. Rick come in and be a consiglieri to to to andreotti yen and travel. I i kinda think that this is going to be away. Was travel moved away from andrade and push more onto deaf triangle especially when it comes to the rose bowl champs now and andrade then picks up flare flare gas. He has become like a sad if not next week. He's got to be a grand slam. That's that's where the big pop is going to be. Added flare pops up at a grand slam right not to be so we get Following that darby allen who called shawn spears a generic piece of shit. I love eighty w that yes. You can cuss. You guys are getting in that that leeway to do that because you are not the wwe. And you don't have those restrictions of being under the child-friendly mice growth microscope and this is probably why that you guys are not going to get the numbers that you think you would want to get the two million mark because of the guys do that but if that company is comfortable with that that's fine that's fine. You're you're you're you're showing solid ratings. You're getting your advertisement except for domino's and fan base which is cool and then you get the returning fan base that you know enjoy. Wwe from before. Now they're they're they're coming back. Because paul danny bryson of daniel bryan's him bryan danielson and such so. I mean that's fine. But you know every time i hear someone costs and it doesn't sound natural. It almost sounds like darby. Darby darby seems like he cuts his all the time but when he when the tv's on the cameras on it's just like He calls. I'll show spears says he's nothing about the pinnacle stink kotelly blanchard for writing the co-chairs rigging on anderson easter egg and Sean ambush darby then left. We then get adam cole. And speaking of that he trusts kenya making a young bucks his life without him. The elite there on stoppable on the floor against anyone. This is what. I'm talking about shit about the pop bryan. Danielson wants to match against kenya. Mega mega is schedule. Except he'll challenging. Gladly face any hungry talent. Russo krista atlanta reijo defeat awa Abakar hater and rebel necks. And finally we get brian. Pilion junior defeating. Max caster after the match for your claim jump hillman but moxi mate to save because they were solicited. Cincinnati and enclosed out with cincinnati and their own enjoying moxley and pill junior so that is going to wrap up that only eight of rampage. Where there's also gonna wrap up tablet my. Mvp this week is going to go to carmelo hayes and my guy pablo escobar not Gonna escobar because day fucking toward opining that it was a solid fun match. And what's second but it was just because his promo just because it's promo but the end of the day you gotta go to those guys gotta go gotta go escobar and fucking hayes and our guys make sure your tickets on all the social media alec out on a group page on facebook. Make sure you check us out on instagram tab. As well as on twitter at cervical tap and on youtube and tick-tock turnbuckle tabloid tic tac. Numbers are growing little by little. I adding more and more content. We by weak all day by day by week. What i'm trying to send you got some shit so follows talk as well and as always check us out on all the podcasting out. Let's check out the liked group pages and rage works and iheart in spotify. Check all that out man. We all go to raise works. Net rachel dot net also radio network dot com. Just make sure you cover all your bases when it comes to tabloid. We're everywhere fan and i got to go got to finish up the rest of my football day. It's opening day here in the tabloid red room studios and got to be out here. 'cause my fantasy football alerts going off and so far. I'm still losing in a lot of my fucking games. Shit fuck you tennessee. You've got your ass shit all right guys. I'm out.

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