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Merry what's with this company well good morning to you on August tenth Jeffrey abstain died in a New York prison cell and the circumstances of his death remain a mystery as a lot you know the medical examiner in New York finally concluding after a lot of Hemming and hawing that this appears to be a suicide but the markers of suicide are very different than what appeared on Jeffrey abstains body as you had other medical examiners war well regarded establish that now honestly it looks like a homicide to me so it's like a whole bunch of people puzzled and wondering what happened is the security cameras weren't working the security guards themselves didn't do their rounds they were sleeping they forged a log says yes they had done the rounds more questions than answers and tomorrow we're hoping to get some answers as the head of the bureau of prisons testifies before Congress senator Ben Sasse already demanding that she come well equipped with answers for how the most high profile inmate in the country could be allowed even to commit suicide if that's really what happened so those prison guards I turns out had some conversation with the justice department about a plea deal according to the Associated Press now why would the prison guards be involved in a plea deal where they charged with anything well now not yet but it could be that they will be charged with something the Associated Press reports that the matter of forging those records the fact that they had claimed that they had done rounds when they had not was believed to be a part of the trip the deal and at best actually admit that you for to the records and then we'll go easy on you on other things what are those other things we don't now but he says he had a press reports that there is apparently a plea deal was offered and that they've turned it down which means marry that we could see criminal charges for the guards here yeah is that what I thought that was very interesting when I saw that but the story also says that a you know these cars are working overtime because a staffing shortages and they have been placed on administrative leave but falsification of records has been a problem throughout the federal prison system Kathleen hawks Sawyer who was named director of the bureau of prisons after abstains death in a in an internal memo written a note on November fourth it says that a review of operations across the agency found some staff members failed to perform required rounds in in may counts but log that they done so anyway I she said falsification of information in government systems and documents is also a violation of policy may be subject to criminal prosecution as well the memo also noted that staff members who are indicted by a grand jury will be placed on an indefinite unpaid suspension until the resolution of the criminal case which I thought was interesting because to me the combined that with the fact that people who are familiar with the matter told the A. P. about that plea deal I wonder if there has been a grand jury in this already and maybe that's why you had an offer of a plea deal yeah well we're we're awaiting a whole bunch of answers here I hope they come quickly but these things never do of course also prince to injure remember he's implicated in all of this he was alleged to have had sex with Virginia's you Fred Roberts when she was seventeen years old there's that famous photo of him standing after Jeffrey abstain and he has his hand around her waist and and a cast on her exposed midriff dax prince Andrew in that photo he did a BBC interview this weekend and the interviewer was asking him about all of this tell me as you listen to this whether you find him to be credible one of the scenes accuses Virginia Roberts has made allegations against you she says she may even two thousand one she says she dined Ricky Donst with you but trump night club in London she went on to have sex with you in a house in Belgravia belonging to Caroline Maxwell your friend your response I have no recollection of affirmations lead none whatsoever you don't remember me sing he was staying at the house is convicted sex offender.

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