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You know we talk about them often and turning down any business we know that for a fact they want more business you know. A former gop candidate laverne spicer. I'm black and i know exactly. Where to get lawyers and accountants. You racist actually said that. The biden former congressional candidate barrington. Martin said eat translation. I don't even want to say. I can't say it anyway. Then biden attacks mansion cinema. Because they're not going along with this power grab of eliminating the legislative filibuster kamalle after completely neglecting the border. Now she's got another. now she's in charge of the administration's push on voting rights. You know that's the claim. Any integrity in voting is. Is jim crow two point. Oh that's what that job is by the way they continue to complain. The democrats about any kind of election reform that requires voter. Id that joe is had for the five thousand years. He's represented the state of delaware. That's been the law delaware. No early voting days. No mellon balloting. You need an excuse if you wanna mellon ballot or an absentee ballot. Democrats insisting anyone who shows up at a polling place ought to be able to just vote regardless of whether you're illegal immigrant or not live out of state or not using the name of a dead vote or not if they've already voted ten of the locations or not. Well that's why. John lott over the new york post reported this out of forty-seven nation surveyed in europe. A place where on other matters. American progressives often look to with envy all but one country in europe requires a government issued photo voter. Id to vote. The rule holds elsewhere after massive frauds in the nineteen eighty eight election from a left wing. Challenger mexico and nineteen ninety-one they mandated a mexico voter. Id photo id with biometric information. Why don't they want integrity in our elections. It's obvious gotta be nefarious intentions here. By the way texas governor abbott has declared a disaster area about the border in texas the crisis there biden's state department is now flying a pride flag at the us embassy at the holy see. That's the vatican iranian navy ship sunk after catching fire in the gulf oman. Really like iran too much myself. Just my own personal opinion. Don't like hamas terrorist organization. And i don't like the number one state sponsor of terror while iran is rearming hamas with thousands of new rockets according to reports out today. That's not good. I tell you if bennett pulls us off well. Nobody should know by now. I don't know if the news is broken yet. V forms coalition with labour the left wing the the arab bloc. That's part of the the the most screwed up voting system. Parliamentary system in the world and israel four elections in two and a half years. This will not last this coalition and it will only weaken israel because bennett has an axe to grind against bb. That's the only reason..

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