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Just a couple of weeks back we got so sidetracked sidetracked into talking about favorite tools that we rely on that. We barely started sharing our garden resolutions and then time ran out. So He's back today as promised Thomas to make his confessions and I will make mine so welcome Kanye ready to confess. Yeah me too to Oh boy So we're not just approaching the end of the year but the end of a decade so we'd better make some hefty resolutions right. Yeah well I'm not sad to see that decade go a years ago I made a New Year's resolution and I've kept it and my new year's resolution solution was to not make New Year's resolutions. Okay so sorry. You're saying garden resolutions. Because I'm going to make some of the okay so do you. You want to start town by telling me some of yours and before I tell you some odd. I'll start with a real quick story a many years ago I I was at Helen's daughter Garden in western Massachusetts and was planting whips Magnolia whips and with some of her friends and they said Oh Helen. Why are you planting such small trees? She was you know Richard Dirt and I remember she was about seventy five years old and when she was ninety two sitting on a bench edged the shade of the trees. So I try to remind myself plant anyway as it crosses my mind. I'm not GonNa see this mature sure or maybe I won't have fruit in my lifetime just just planted so no stinking thinking as they would call it in self help program right right in writing none of that negativity and and the other thing is that if even if you don't literally get to sit under like Helen's daughter did someone will and so yeah. Plant it all right. So that's a good one for planted for kids planet for granted exactly exactly cut down too many trees anyway so plant plant trees like I thought about my resolutions on. They're almost all about what he plans so into what he plans. Now you you WanNa tell me one. I'll tell you one then you tell me what do well mine are a little more. You know complicated complicated. Like I really need therapy Because and I mentioned this very briefly at the end of the last visit to the show that you were on You know that I a I have. I have to acknowledge speaking of twelve step programs in self help a little mantras stuff you know. I'm powerless over. Dot Dot dot. I'm powerless over. Some of those early ground covers that I planted you know thirty years ago or whatever all these things ground I wrote a book about ground covers. We were all into ground. Covers the whole ground cover section and every catalogue and and a lot of and turn out to be thugs And so they spread a lot and that was a good thing. At least it felt like a good thing to a beginning Gardner but it's not a good thing and now I've got all these things that are romping farther and farther and they've far out Gone beyond their bounds and so the problem is and maybe other people listening. Have this problem to on a smaller. A big way in their cartons if they've been there even ten years or five years stuff. That's where it's not supposed to be. It's gone farther than you intended. And you know we can turn a blind eye and then suddenly you've got a mile of it and if you look at it all every instance of that in your whole garden. We need to divide this. I need to take that out and vote you get paralyzed. At least I do right so my resolution was to. I made it this past fall when I was doing clean up and I said you know what I had to help her that Dan you know what today. We're going to spend our four hours. We're going to pull out this one. One section of Lamia Stream It's sort of a Nedeli like being a very gated ground cover. We're going to do this one section and then this winter we're going to sit didn't have coffee someday and we're going to decide what ground cover plugs little baby plance to order native probably Shade Plants Ferns or whatever that are going to go in this section they're not gonNa Romp you know but one section so my resolution is one section time in and so clean it up and replanted wanted and then I can move onto the next because otherwise I'm all over the place and nothing gets finished. That's how I am. I think I don't think you're like that. I think you follow thirty better than follow through. I think you're marcus tedious than I am. Not As tidy as your because you have tourists and I don't have the mini tours. But you know you're saying to pull out the ground covers. I was with you and I was thinking. Well what is she gonNA put down chopped wood mulch or something but then you said you're going to plant plants. Yes I can think of no better ground. Cover Mulch mulch right. And so I'm thinking and I'm pondering it gives me because I did that section it's a big section in fall You know kind of prep didn't and I know that what will happen in spring. Is that some of the remainders that I didn't get tried to dig out the root of these things. But they'll sprout up here and there and I'm GonNa have to do one more smaller cleanup but I wanna be ready with a plant outdoor a number of plants to like a mosaic. And you know again it might be ferns it might be you know I love trillions. I love you know some girls because it's in a place under a shroud so it's A. It's it's semi sheets. It's bright shade but it's shade. It's definitely shade so I have to think about what. I'm going to put their have the winter to do that but I need to be ready in the spring so that that's my kind of resolution is give myself time. I have the time to order your plan to choose to order the plants. Not a super rush job and then I can move onto the next section once. I've good. Yeah so wish me luck. I took Lampien last balls. Yes we'll see and I'm sure I've already planted bulbs there so you know nature of horsa vacuum. And so do I. Yes yes yes yes yes yes so what about you another one. Well this is a very hard one for me You know our friend Marco if he doesn't like a slant it's out but I I have so much trouble letting or ground covers not so bad lambaste room Yorkshire but when it comes to in trees I've planted a whole lot of Doug Eastern dogwoods from the mountains of Mexico the Urbana which has fused brax have have lots saplings Eighty tall now right so sear. I hope to have some flowers some flowers and out of these eight trees that are very skinny too. Close together the ones. That don't have nice flowers or nice state. It's going to be a little are Bora side. Think of Markle. Yes and so. We used to people who don't know Marco is was the founding director of horticulture of Wave Hill the public garden in New New York City in in the Bronx and worked for many many years fifty two year old garden and he was probably the first forty years or thirty five year. Thirty five years. Something like that. Yeah Yeah so And he is and he says barrier dead and fast. Which means if you have a languishing plant that's looking to us? Miserable like stop op fussing over it start over you know making new make a fresh start. Oh you made me think of something no or give it away. Oh Oh new. Don't give it to me you don't give it to me. Okay Yeah Yeah So another thing that I've done I hate to say that I've done wrong or I've been bad but that's how I feel and so I just want to say that loud so I feel it makes me feel bad when then I haven't taken my own advice or the wisdom that I know from others. I haven't set a good example And I in really what it is is my garden is too big for me. You know it's two point three acres and it's you know it's a lot. It's really a lot too much manage and so stuff gets neglected. I'm getting ready for spring. Bring tourists your mentioned before all you know in April and early May the first ones are usually in the first or second week of May and I have to say. Hey you know we're not going to get to that area and so what happens. Is I close off that particular area and I do that a couple of years in a row and guess what you know. It's a mess and one of the things things I've noticed is that instead of because I'm again having the tourist instead of All my beds are in turf so my beds are within grass ask. They're surrounded by grass. There's no stone edge or metal edge Is that they're like islands. I guess is what I'm saying in turf and so the the easiest thing is just to cut a clean edge with your edging tool and put on your mouth. Well the thing is though. The bed gets an inch bigger and bigger in an inch Baker right because because because there might have been a plant that flopped over the edge and made the battle messy at the edge. So you cut it a little white. Well you do that for a few years without reselling reselling some grass seed right and re you know kindling that turf on the edge. You don't keep the bed the same shape and size it gets bigger. And then guess what happens to your pathways single-file loops between two beds. You know so I need to do turf stuff stuff and I hate. I hate growing grass. I hate it I just hate it But I need to do it. So that's my other thing for the coming Spring and actually in my in the northeast. The best area is mid August to mid to late September for turf repair but I need to do some spring this year to have you done any of that of you were where do you hate it. I just feel like I don't know I don't think I'm good at it and I'm impatient. I think you need to keep it watered and inevitably. I guess it's just bad luck you know Nevin ably all Do you know I'll get out all the I'll do everything I'll get all the right supplies I'll I'll do it and then it doesn't rain for three weeks and you know you you water the first few days but then above of you and you need to water every hour right lives right..

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