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People should keep their Thanksgiving get togethers as small as possible. The sacrifice now could save lives and illness and the make the future much brighter. The O C Health care agency has created a task force for to prepare for the cove in 19, Vaccine OC, deputy director of Public Health Marker It Bread a half says religious, academic health care and community leaders will ensure the vaccine is distributed fairly and help them understand the process as well as educate them as we are being educated along the way. About the vaccine, so that when it's time to roll out the vaccine, they have complete comfort Bread. A half says the vaccine will be stored in various locations for easy access around the community. She says. The county will follow the state's plan to give the first shots to healthcare workers, first responders and vulnerable populations. Public health officials in L. A county have been trying to make the case for avoiding large gatherings for Thanksgiving. We continue to be at a very difficult time in this pandemic. L. A County health officer, Dr von to Davis, says one person who has the virus, but no symptoms can spread it to multiple others without knowing Davis reported 49 more deaths today, he says there was a 113% increase in infections over the first two weeks of November. Fortunately, we're not yet seeing an increase in deaths from covert 19, but we are no longer seeing the deep decrease we enjoyed for months. He says. The county has averaged 11 deaths per day over the past week, but he says that number is expected to go up. Was more people are hospitalized with the virus. Fullerton has joined several cities in Orange County with an ordinance restricting short term rentals. Rentals now have to get a $425 permit within $85 annual fee, Fullerton City manager Kim Domer says. Now homeowners have options. If there's a noise, party or parking problem. Call the city we can work with the VR Bor Airbnb or the owner of the facility and enforce certain regulations that retain the quality of the neighborhood. He says the city cap the number of rentals at 325. The city has about 260. Now, Domer says. This allows for some rental property growth while protecting the city's housing stock in Fullerton. Corbin Carson Ko Phi News. Former soccer star Diego Maradona has died, he let his home country Argentina to World Cup victory in 1986. He also won league championships with teams from Argentina and Italy. Maradona had surgery earlier this month remove a blood clot from his brain. He died of a heart attack. Maradona was six. See Toilet paper caper in or Oregon has been arrested for stealing more than 100 rules. Sheriff's deputies and Walla Walla say they received a call about a man stealing a large amount of toilet paper from a home. Hours later, they found the stolen teepee and more than $1000 worth of other stolen items. It's the largest seizure of TP in the history of the department. All right. Crash.

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