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Throw now gonzales. Beating the crap out of martinez. I loved it. I loved it loved it. I ate at all love that those great tone that set for that annexed t opener for this week. Amber moon shots he blackheart. Chill backstage They're talking about how they're going to be facing the ways. Kansas laurey and andy hartwell or these tag titles next week. Frankie monet comes to the scene. She reveals that apparently ambra shots he had got some flowers or whatever and she's wondering who they came from. And i believe yeah. Yeah it's back to me now Dexter dexter supposedly sent these girls the flowers. Or whatever or some shit like that. So both of those girls aid not like it and flowers from supposedly dexter You know they're both taken and all that other good shin cameron. Grimes went jewelry hunting. This probably was the coolest segment of the night because cameron grimes. We see when he first arrives at a jewelry store. He is Is daybreak right. Like you can kinda tell looking outside that all it's nice and sunny outside. Hey cool you know any goes in there. And he's looking for some nice fine jewelry and everything would did you peep out the guy. That was chilling in the back. That just had the fricken magazine. You know just covering up his face real good and everything. I'm saying myself we couldn't just have him just read a paper like normal or a magazine normal and just blur him out. 'cause we got the technology now we can easily just blur him out. But you know whatever. It's all good and he is looking around at this jewelry store. His segment stretched out for. I think i think two segments. It was that his segma- had stretched out four. He ended up picking out. This really nice rolex watch and then the next thing you know a guy comes up from behind them and says that's a really nice looking rolex watch but it isn't a million dollar rolex watch and then we see it's none other than the million dollar man teddy diaz themselves and he just he just rolls. I loved it. That was the greatest control ever i. I loved it i loved. Did you know i it. Just see what's going on. We cameron grimes it. It just kind of feels like he's chasing each chasing after greatness..

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