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To armchair expert for free now. Only on spotify. I'm helga davis. And i'm thrilled to be partnering with park avenue armory on a special series of conversations called helga the armory conversations these are everyday conversations with extraordinary people like visual artist. Nick cave actress and disability advocate maryland. Talking ten and author jason reynolds. Listen to helga the armory conversations. We're ever you get podcasts. Back with you now on the takeaway. Melissa harris perry last week my little quarantine pod took a good old fashioned family road trip after looking at the same for walls for all year. Twelve hours a minivan with kids and dogs managed to feel like freedom as traveled south from north carolina to new orleans stopping for snacks gas and stretches along the way we started to feel like we were the last mask wearing people in the country. The prompted my youngest who seven to ask at one point. Mummy is the corona virus over. Now i can't tell you how much i wish. I could have responded with an enthusiastic. Yes we're all good. But i'm sorry to report. That isn't the case. In fact the number of new cases per day in the us has doubled over the past three weeks and the overwhelming majority of these cases are among the unvaccinated. And just to make a point. The unvaccinated are more diverse group than you might think it's not just about ideology it's not just about region it's not just about race or age so right now with this new more contagious delta variant. That is responsible for more than half of these cova cases. We are in a real situation. And you've been talking to us about this as well at eight seven seven eight six nine eight to five three. Hi this is susan from washington the spread of the delta variant is definitely a warning to me that the pandemic is not over so i am continuing to mask in public places also continuing regular handwashing however i cannot resist the opportunity us. I'm not as cautious as i was last year. But i still wear a mask whenever i go into a store or public place. I wash my hands constantly. I try to keep a social distance. And i rarely eat out anymore. It's sad but i just don't think we're through the pandemic completely yet. This is barbara and san jose. Art feel safe from the gulf of vaccinated with the type during a vaccine. I still mask up when a business or proprietor wishes it to be polite and respectful. But otherwise i m mask free. This is doug in. Hi this is catherine calling from ridgewood. New jersey yes it is definitely making me realize how much the pandemic is not over. I continue to wear a mask when i enter a public establishments regardless of what the regulation say. I also continue to prefer outdoor dining or empty off our restaurants. It just seems safer. Hi this is. Mike brahimi from the bronx new york. I'm not at all concerned. The new delta variant is fully vaccinated since the early part of march this year. I also had kobe fifteen months ago. Everything that i read said that the mr vaccines or ninety. Four percent effective preventing me from getting a serious case for hospitalization. This is theresa goodell. From beaverton oregon. Yes i am still wearing a mask. I'm concerned about the spread of the delta variant. So i'm sticking with the plan. I'm going to go on wearing a mask in public places And i'm also limiting contact with people from outside the household and close friends I know people who are immunocompromised. And i don't want to put them or myself and family at risk. Yes my name. Is michael and i in buffalo new york. I'm a physician in a high volume. Emergency department and the delta variant is causing a spike in kobe among people who are not backs naked and it's causing deaths and it's heartbreaking because people seem to think that the vaccine is experimental or it's not approved or so that they don't want to get the vaccine until they get sick and they didn't really believe that they could get sick but now spiking back and they get sick they get very sick and some of them die and it's breaking my heart. That such disinformation campaign is costing so many lives is very upset with me now to discuss the rising covert rates and the delta variant. Is emily martin associate professor of epidemiology at the university of michigan. Emily welcome back to the show. Thanks for having me melissa okay. So cases are rising in more than half of us states. Can you talk about where the kind of geographic hot spots are absolutely so. We're definitely seeing rises in states. Like arkansas is is kind of the fastest. The highest state right now but tennessee is the fastest climbing. We're seeing a lot of cases in florida. I think he's really been in the news for high cases and a lot of hospitalizations nevada has been in the news louisiana. We see a lot of big climbs in southern states particularly as well. You know it's when you said florida like just in that moment. My knees buckled a little bit because our family was planning our annual august. You know florida vacation and you know we have a seven year old who cannot be vaccinated yet and it feels like man. We're going to have to say again this year can't do it. This is a big challenge for families of young kids and kids are too young to be vaccinated. I know you know my family. We've got a vacation planned for august with a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated kids. And we're gonna have to be more careful than i think. We were hoping we would have to be so talk to me about this vaccinated and unvaccinated so again our seven year old that's not an option to vaccinated yet so even though the adults in the family are vaccinated. We're modeling wearing the masks and washing the hands and all of those things we've been doing for year and a half but what do we know about the populations of folks who are unvaccinated. The the national percentage if you look overall at adults nationwide were approaching seventy percent which is good news. We need to be higher with seventy percent is pretty good but really if you break that down what it looks like. We've got almost ninety percent of our seventy five in. Older adults are vaccinated over ninety percent of our sixty five to seventy five alter vaccinated. And so it's really you know we get down to the eighteen year olds to the forty year old. So those in their twenties thirties and forties only looking at about half of those adults are vaccinated. And so what. We're going to start to see this concentration of infection in these lower age groups. That arts taking up the vaccine fast as the older adults now granted it has been recommended for those dolts adults for as long right. We prioritize the older adults because they're a higher risk of hospitalization but younger adults can still infect children and so we really need to get the numbers up in those younger groups. Now let's talk about delta for a moment. I was during a family road trip. I had a conversation. Just briefly with someone at a gas station said oh i was going to get vaccinated but now but there's the delta variant. I'm not going to. Because there's no vaccine against the variant. And i thought no i don't i don't think that's right. I don't think that's right so help our listeners. W- if you are vaccinated or you still at risk relative to delta you know so the vaccine absolutely works against the delta variant. There may be small differences in how the vaccine works. But you know we are monitoring this really closely and groups all over the world including my research group monitors this too and what.

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