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Five ninety I'm joined by my son Ben Clements been good afternoon still the change you still haven't changed clothes from yesterday on the shower and stuff and taken off the sweat pants I don't know of I don't know the last time I brush my teeth well I hope you I'm that's why I'm not near you in social disturbance going on so I thought this is miss their state mandatory you just don't wanna be near me well it's mandatory by our mayor and our county judging by our by our governor yeah I wish we had the TV camera on because you were wearing your official Dylan pain after T. shirt Friday night lights that's kind of a kind of a keeper you got where this afternoon yeah I I want to think about the good old days when we filmed sports there were exports necessarily but we film sports yeah we found on the eve of what should have been the eve of the the Sweet Sixteen yeah I should be it should be the eve of one of the best basketball mites in the in the year but here we are still in quarantine but NFL still making news they're still sports news had out there Duncan to re sign of the Bucks today it's a big it's a big story that I guess that is really big and you made the news officially released yeah you made this point last week that when Tom Brady joined Tampa Tampa Bay you asserted that more players would get their agents and say Hey if I can get a deal with Tampa Bay to be around Tom Brady who wants another Super Bowl ring let me have that an example today with a dynamic and sue the former Nebraska Cornhuskers who used to terrorize the longhorn signed a one year deal worth eight million dollars in as he's good he's still he's a bad actor we know that he stomps on people on people but he's a five time Pro Bowl player and he's returning to his old team of the two yeah but but Tampa Bay Buccaneers yeah this is inevitable that we're going to start seeing the dominoes fall with more players signing re signing asking to sign with the Buccaneers like we talked about everybody wants to play with the greatest of all time everybody wants to play with the go people wanted to go play with MJ people wanted to play the Braun you know I don't know about baseball you start really thinking base if you ever want to go play with Tom Brady and this is their chance sometimes I think people were scared away which you know in hindsight I don't know what you'd be scared away but some people didn't want to go to the ruling life of being a patriot yes your call getting a win but you won't have much fun but now that Tom Brady's going south to Florida people thinking Hey all the victims and raise all go hang out and I'll go play with the greatest of all time I think you're right I think people will be doing that and I think he's got great offensive help and now with the defense with the indaba consume let's talk one other NFL store they just broke just a little while ago the NFL is considering postponing the NFL draft he was scheduled for late April in Las Vegas of course they were they've already canceled they were gonna have a big outdoor thing with the fountains at the Bellagio where they would have a boat to carry out most it was over the top they were the top there but not more than they can chew I I didn't see how how it's gonna work it looked on paper on the pictures it looks like the coolest thing I've ever seen but logistically I never thought I was going to work I think it was a pipe dream for them to do what they wanted but gosh if yeah I did if they if they push back the draft everything will have to be pushed back right I'm not sure and I I need to read more because it's just broke whack during thinking of postponing the draft I don't know why they have to because you can do on telephone he doesn't have to be a big circus where you get all the guys there just give me a call give a call home Hey you've got drafted by the raiders congratulate it hang up you know it doesn't need to be a big event you're right it with our mobile society that we have you could put Skype what other services and you could put in the east the guys we know they're gonna be a top ten draft and still have the feel of a draft but I hi I am against postponing because I think and I'm being selfish here as a sports fandom sports fans are hungry right now for content we want something to move our needle besides looking at our family protecting your kids and some of us working but I am all for this idea of keeping the NFL draft going well yeah then a full draft right now that would be like watching the Superbowl we would we would get weeks of content out of that we would be able to start the plan hypothetical game also these guys they need to know what their futures they have to know where they're gonna be reporting for duty here and hopefully a few months I think it can be done I don't think it's necessary for them to push back the the drought selfishly as a sports fan you don't want to see it but you know what you think obviously they can do it they can but they can have a director but he just calls in and sure no we don't we don't get on the zoom like a real she on sale but you can still have it on TV just without the bells and whistles is out to be the big the big patch it like it is it'll be you know a H. it's all it's there's a there's a look for that that's a thing that is going to get Roger Goodell's hand fans dream of going to the the draft in doing Roger Goodell in person but nothing right now is is how it is you know it is what it is what do you think should they continue with the NFL draft there is word today that Roger Goodell of the NFL say they may postpone the NFL draft Ben and I believe you're the same feelings for goodness sake necessary you can go on with it and do it the old fashioned way with everybody in the room and they have the old fashioned phones were they pick up these big clunker phones or whatever and you can still do all sorts of contact with those Stratton his phone number five one two eight three six zero five ninety also what do you think about this in Dahmer could sue siding with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he's a five time pro bowler he still got gas in the tank and we're staying now the dominoes falling with more people say I want to play with Tom Brady also coming up later today on sports talk invisible Jason Dick also this should have been the first day of the dell technologies match play yeah that's affected a whole bunch of people in this town I had a message from a friend today said my son gave me first state passes VIP passes to the Max play for Christmas and I'm so sad today well I would say in a message back we're gonna be sad it's not going on this year but I have every confidence in the world the Jordan up later in his group to make it bigger and better but I thought about it all day long look outside it's sunny it's hot how we beat you in that suit he would be sweating your **** off right now will be Hillary should be sunburn your top of the head would be read as an adult ribbon sweat I know you have a great time I don't have a great time I would be having a great time introducing the players a diversity but it would be hot there that that I got to wear that jacket PGA required to read the blue blazer every day will show of course the question is a big part of whether that are specific weather all right five one two two eight three six zero five ninety other clubs along with the employment this is sports talk for a Wednesday afternoon more of your calls and much much more when we return to.

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