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And we return to washington dc and the guys are interviewing a wall war two vet here in this segment a military wife an inactive duty servicemen as we continue to circle around the world war two memorial we were struck by the enormity of it showing the sheer scale of the war huge pillars surround the memorial each one of these pillars represents the states and territories that sent men and women to the field and two separate pavilion set on opposite sides of a large center fountain representing the two major theaters of the war and paying homage to individual battles and events you can't help but feel small walking on those stone steps we talked with a man named ed desmond who told us about his time in the navy from his wheelchair i'm a world war two and i was on a elsie s number one twenty eight there were gun boats in the pacific and there was one hundred thirty of them so they didn't have names they had numbers do we sail my ship in boston we sailed down the coast you can only stay out for thirty days because of drinking water you gotta have water so we went down the coast up to little creek virginia courts new york of course and key west florida charleston south carolina the more down to the canal when overton san diego stayed there for about a week refueled sale you andrew j in we talk side all of those maybe not in succession we were down to okinawa and we did pick a duty for the destroyers and battleships and basically they had to get to the battleship they had to go through our forty apollo i so we wound up down in philippines ready for the invasion of japan and it was the most dramatic scene i have ever seen there was so many ships you couldn't count them and you couldn't see the end of them when the end the war rendered and all the guns fired up we had to go below deck because the shrapnel was coming down on top of us we asked ed what life was like as a veteran and he told us a story about a yearly reunion he attends with his former shipmates hundred ships right union every year city in the united states and last few in sacramento california and there were only twelve of.

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